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CutiScan CS 100

New Method to Measure Viscoelasticity & Anistropy


By CutiScan you are able to measure skin displacement by video while circular suction/relaxation applies to skin (Optical flow). The CutiScan offers a new dimension of looking at the mechanical properties of the skin (viscoelasticity & anisotropy).



Where to use:


There are no limits to applications in efficacy testing and basic research wherever skin aging and elastic properties play a role.

Quick fact CutiScan CS 100
  • Information not only about the elastic and viscoelastic properties but also on anisotropy and directionality of the skin
  • For each measurement a complete video is available
  • From that video a graph consisting of 360 elasticity curves is calculated and all curves can be saved in Excel®.
  • Overall measurement graphs are available: overall maximum and minimum amplitude and overall visco-elasticity and can also be transferred in Excel® by one mouse click.