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Ultrascan UC 22

High resolution 22 MHz ultrasound
in medicin and cosmetics

Skin ultrasound is a powerful, non-invasive, cost-effective and
real-time technique that improves your daily practice when diagnosing,
treating and monitoring skin tumours, vascular tumours,
skin inflammatory diseases, nail lesions and cosmetic procedures. 22MHz ultrasound and B mode image is interested for this purpose.





Where to use:


  • skin aging & sun damage
  • tumor surgery
  • tumor depth, especially before surgery
  • skin thickness
  • laser treatment
  • wound treatment
  • cosmetic research & efficacy testing
  • tissue beneath wounds
Quick fact Ultrascan UC 22
  • With 22 MHz you can look 6-8 mm deep into the skin in high resolution.
  • The probe is made for easy handling and does all scans automatically without further movement by the user. The transducer goes linearly over the skin
  • Only water is needed to receive a scan, no messy gel application. Foils are not necessary but can be used optionally
  • Continuous live scans, not only one single scan per measurement (video of 10 images per B-scan)
  • Automatic measurement between set lines of skin thickness in µm and skin density(ultrasound density in % and as a colour value between 0 and 256 a.u.) for the total image and split for epidermis/entrance echo and dermis.
  • In addition measurements of depth and width and length of lines and area (also drawn in freehand)
  • The measurements of up to 6 areas per image can be saved.
  • Phase correction (flattening of the image) to determine skin thickness as exactly as possible
  • The viewing depths can be changed from 8 mm to 6.4 or 4 mm to better see details in the upper layers (no resolution change).
  • The images of the B-scan can be exported as image-files to be used in other applications.
  • The probe head can easily be cleaned after each measurement