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Hair testing
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Research Devices

We offer the latest research tech to suit a variety of applications.

Cosmetic Devices

We offer a range of advanced cosmetic skin analysis equipment.

Dermatology / Allergy

We can help you get a better diagnosis for your patients.



Our mission in MEDELINK is to supply and present the latest technologies and instrument in scientific research and aesthetic medicine in Canada to enable our clients to measure and assess the skin and hair objectively.

We are the exclusive distributors of Courage+Khazaka Electronic GmbH in Canada. We offer full range of equipment and software for various hair & skin research and dermatological assessments. Stay with us!


ABOUT C+K Electronic GmbH

Courage+Khazaka founded by Mr. Wilfried Courage and Prof. h.c. Gabriel Khazaka since 1986 and since then it’s been a global leader in manufacturing and developing of scientific instruments for measuring and quantifying the various parameters of skin and hair which have been employed in hundreds of studies and researches by universities, CROs and other research centers within 30 years. This scientific approach was extended to aesthetic world and the outcome was state of the art skin analysis devices. C+K Electronic NEVER stops producing and developing new approaches and technologies. Follow us!

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