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Our mission in MEDELINK is to supply and present the latest technologies and instrument in scientific research and aesthetic medicine in Canada to enable our clients to measure and assess the skin and hair objectively.

We are the exclusive distributors of Courage+Khazaka Electronic GmbH in Canada. We offer full range of equipment and software for various hair & skin research and dermatological assessments.


ABOUT C+K Electronic GmbH

Courage+Khazaka was founded in 1986 and since then has been producing world class measurement tools for objectively quantifying skin parameters. Their range of skin analysis equipment is the most complete of all skin analysis equipment manufacturers. Their equipment is used worldwide for objective clinical diagnosis in dermatology, in R&D departments (cosmetic, pharmaceutical and raw material companies), for claim support, in skin research and many other fields. Corneometer®, Tewameter® and Visioscan® have been back in space on board of the ISS They have been ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified. Until today C+K have always been the world market leader in this field. Nobody else offers such a complete range of measurement parameters. Even after 30 years, C+K are constantly developing new parameters for skin & hair.

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