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Founded in 2014 and our mission in MEDELINK is to supply and present the latest technologies and instrument in scientific research and aesthetic medicine in Canada to enable our clients to measure and assess the skin and hair objectively.

We are the exclusive distributors of Courage+Khazaka Electronic GmbH, Bossa Nova Vision, EOTech.. in Canada. We offer full range of equipment and software for various hair & skin research and dermatological assessments.

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ReleGO™ & REVex™

The world’s first 4D skin testing platform, mimicking blood flow, is far more accurate, fully automated, cost-effective, and cruelty free

Prior to ReleGO™, skin researchers were forced to rely on traditional vertical and flow-through diffusion cell apparatus that require 20 times more man-hours in tedious, time-sensitive manual operations. Beyond excessive expenditure on manpower and biomaterials, accuracy can be problematic, and inconsistencies are not uncommon. REVIVO BioSystems overcomes these challenges by mimicking the function of blood flow, hence introducing a fourth dimension: human cells and tissues receive a steady flow of nutrients and oxygen as they would in the body, and metabolic by-products are removed. Moreover with REVex™ designed in a miniaturised size, it requires only one-fifth the sample size needed for traditional technology.

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