A new line of systems for scientific 3D imaging

A new line of systems for scientific 3D imaging

Medelink signed a distributorship agreement with EOTECH (France) in Canada

We have made an agreement with EOTech for sales and after sale services for EOTech state-of the-art imaging systems. The line of products includes 3D imaging systems, Thermography camera and medical photography. 

EOTech 3D imaging technology combines stereometry and fringe projection for better accuracy. High resolution of X and Y along with interchangeable Field of view (FOV) gives you this ability to analyze the skin topography and texture  from micro relief to wrinkles and volume and from local zone on face, part of face, full face and even a part of body. 

Different systems with various configurations are available for different needs. The research center can chose the model depending on their needs for 3D skin analysis on local zone, face or body. AEVA-HE and DermaTop-HE are variable FOV and it means can be used for skin texture of different parts of face or body. EvaFace and EvaSkin on single FOV and are suitable for centers which focus on either local zone or part of face.

The other strength point of EOTech skin analysis systems in addition to its unique imaging method, is its positioning bench with provide an easy positioning along with a reproduceable and precise image taking. There are different types of positioning bench for different aforesaid systems. Visio-4D and VisioTop 500 are employed for AEVA-HE and VisioTop 300 has been dedicated for other imaging systems. All of these benches utilize similar methods (such as head rest, laser alignment, mirror, Camera motorized aligning system etc..) for providing a reproduceable conditions and minimum noise for maximum accuracy.

The last powerful tool which promotes EOTech skin analysis machines as a unique and reliable system for research is the software AEVA-V4 which is really flexible, accurate and straight forward. It guides the researcher to start from creating the clinical project, parameters, acquiring the images and finally analyzing the images.  

In addition to above systems, EvaTHERM is a Thermography camera which has been designed to analyze thermal distribution and changes on the skin. EvaTHERM is a non-con­tact infrared measurement system to evaluate the efficacy of cosmetic, dermatologic and aesthetical products and treatments.

Finally, The CBright as a solution for medical, clinical and aesthetic photography has been designed to simplify and standardize photographic acquisition using smartphone, tablets or professional digital cameras. The system take care of the position of the patient/volunteer and the camera itself. Predefined angles are set to get reproducible photographs including illumination and color control. The CBright as a facial photography system found applications in dermatology, aesthetics and cosmetics evaluations for before/after comparison and/or skin image analysis.