High performance skin & hair analyzer

Simple and ergonomic design, easily paired with smartphones and tablets to analyze


Wi-Fi Video Streaming Solution

Automatic Remote Control Diagnosis


Multi OS Support

Android / iOS / Windows


Long & Nice Body Line

StilEasy to Gripl Image Capture



API 100

Lens x30
Cleanliness of Pore



Lens x60
Keratin of Scalp
Hair Thickness
Hair Pore Status



Lens x200
Cuticle Status

API 100 for Skin Analysis

Moisture / Sebum / Pore / Melanin / Cleanliness of Pore / Wrinkle / Sensitivity

API 202 for Hair Analysis

Hair Loss Status / Scalp Status / Hair Density / Keratin of Scalp
Sensitivity / Hair Thickness / Hair Pore Status

API 203 for Hair Analysis

Hair Loss Status / Hair Thickness / Hair Pore Status / Cuticle Status

VGA (640×480) | 30 FPS Max

Wi-Fi Video Streaming Solution

How does API skin analysis work?

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How does API 100 skin analysis work?

How to download and install the software?

How does API 203 All-in-one analysis work?

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API Series — Smartphone Compatible Hair and Scalp Analysis Machine For Best Results.

If you are looking for a hair and scalp analysis machine that checks all the boxes and serves multiple purposes simultaneously, then the API series is exactly what you need. This portable mobile innovation analysis system not only provides highly accurate diagnoses of hair and scalp but also can check the status of the cuticles for all-around coverage. However, the biggest advantage of the devices of the API series is its portability and compatibility with other electronic gadgets and computers like smartphones, tablets, and iPads.

The API series of scalp analysis machines come with multiple operating system support that covers the likes of iOS, Windows, and Android. This one feature of the device provides a huge perk as it increases the ease of accessibility to the images and the analysis results. Moreover, this particular hair analysis machine also comes with a remote-controlled diagnosis process that makes the entire analysis much more simple and effortless for the users.

The API series of skin and hair analyzer machines are available in three categories, each with its own unique and extremely beneficial features. The API 100 primarily focuses on the moisture content of the scalp, the melanin content in the skin, and whether your pores are sufficiently clean. Wrinkles and skin sensitivity can also be tested with this scalp analysis machine. The next model, the API 202 has some added perks like a prediction of the keratin in your scalp and hair, scalp sensitivity, the underlying cause behind rapid hair loss, and the thickness and density of the hair strands. The API 203 hair and scalp analysis system is exceptionally helpful for identifying common but hard-to-ignore issues like the status of hair loss, clogged and unclean pores, cuticle health, and the thickness of the individual hair strands.

If you are confused about how this hair and scalp analysis machine functions, you will be surprised to know that the entire procedure is fairly simple. You could check out the many videos available on the leading video streaming sites like YouTube or you could just download the information brochure and get a clearer picture. To make accurate diagnoses and live up to your patient’s (client) expectations, all you need is a portable mobile API device and the software required to view the images on your smartphone or tablet.






Wi-Fi Type

Wireless LAN IEEE 802.11 b/g/n

OS Support

Android, iOS, Windows

Image Sensor

1/4 inch Color CMOS UXGA (2 Mega Pixel)

Sensor Pixel

Effective pixel : 1,624 X 1,212 Pixel

Image Capture Size

Wi-Fi Video Streaming
VGA (640 X 480)

Image Frame Rate

VGA (640X480) - 30Frame Max


Dip LED X8 & UV-Chip LED X8
(NICHIA / Japan)

Dip LED X8
(NICHIA / Japan)

Dip LED X8
(NICHIA / Japan)

Camera Button Function

Start, Mode Change, Image Capture, Analysis, Result

High Magnification Lens

1. X30-NL
2. X30-PL
3. X30-UV
4. Moisture Sensor

1. X60-NL
2. X60-PL

1. X200-NL
2. X600-NL (Crop)

Measurement Mode

1. Moisture
2. Sebum (U/T Zone)
3. Pore
4. Melanin
5. Cleanliness of Pore (UV)
6. Wrinkle
7. Sensitivity

1.Hair Loss Status
2. Scalp Status
3. Hair Density
4. Keratin of Scalp
5. Sensitivity
6. Hair Thickness
7. Hair Pore Status

1. Hair Loss Status
2. Hair Thickness
3. Hair Pore Status
4. Cuticle Status


Fixed Type


Type: Li-ION / Typical Capacity: 1,150mAh
Normal Voltage: 3.7V

DC IN Adaptor

5V DC / 2A

Out Dimension

50(W)X162(H)X60(D)mm (API-100 / Camera Only )


About 120g (API-100 / Camera Only / with Battery)



Operating Temperature

-10 ~ 50°C

Storage Temperature

-30 ~ 50°C

Operating Humidity

5 ~ 85%

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