A perfect Skin & hair analysis device just in your grip Mobile phone size – High resolution & Auto Adjustment for Skin & Hair analysis

Wi-Fi Video Streaming Solution

Automatic Remote Control Diagnosis

Multi OS Support

Android / iOS / Windows

Long & Nice Body Line

StilEasy to Gripl Image Capture

ASN II SERIES- Mobile type portable skin and hair analysis machine

High portability makes analysis possible anywhere you go




  • Moisture
  • Sebum
  • Melanin
  • Wrinkle
  • Acne
  • Sensitivity



Hair Thickness
Hair Pore Status



Cuticle Status

ASN Ⅱ 100 for Skin Analysis

Moisture / Sebum / Pore / Melanin / Cleanliness of Pore / Wrinkle / Sensitivity

ASN Ⅱ 202 for Hair Analysis

Hair Loss Status / Hair Thickness / Hair Pore Status / Cuticle Status

ASN Ⅱ 203 for Hair Analysis

Scalp / Thickness / Cuticle

ASN II – The Cellphone-Sized Portable Skin Analysis Machine For Every Skin Need:

Who doesn’t love to flaunt flawless and even skin tone? A Skin analysis device is one of the tools that provide an accurate and in-depth analysis of the skin. The purpose of this analysis is to know the extent of skin damage. Having this knowledge helps in preventing skin from further damage, taking a heavy toll later in life. Skin analysis identifies skin issues which helps dermatologists to make an accurate diagnosis. With the launch of the ASN II mobile-type skin analysis machine, you could go deep into the root of the problem and come up with the most beneficial treatment alternative today.

The ASN II portable skin analysis machine has revolutionized how you look at a dermatological problem, including issues related to your hair and scalp. Starting from the hydration of your skin to the health of your facial pores and hair cuticles, this range of devices works like magic for all. While the ASN II 100 is more focused on skin-related matters like melanin secretion, sebum gland secretions, and the condition of the pores, the ASN II 2O2 version of the same portable skin analyzer concentrates on the health of your skin. You could easily measure and analyze the status of your skin, and the extent of damage, and identify the issue with the ASN II skin analyzer device. The ASN II 203, comes fully equipped with all the features of the ASN II 202 and more. With this particular apparatus, you could have a clear image of how your cuticles look and come up with a solution to how you could make their condition better.

The type of lenses used in this skin analysis camera equipment also varies depending on the utility. Since the ASN II 100 is more concerned about affairs related to your skin, it has a lens of 30X magnification range. On the other hand, the ASN ii 202, and 203 each have a lens of 60X and 200X resolution, respectively, since they cater to hair requirements. Hair cuticles are tiny and need a strong magnification of high quality for proper visibility, which is why this portable skin analysis machine has the highest lens power. Whether you want to get a clear picture of the Sebum U and T zones or check the moisture level in the skin or the dryness, the ASN II 100 portable mobile skin analysis machine will suit all your requirements, leaving no scope for complaints

Turning head of lens provides the machine simple design and easy usage.
If you always used the fixed location lens, then try this.

Rotate it, make simple and comfortable.

ASN II has the small screen but with mirroring technology customers could watch not only the screen but also the bigger screen during the analysis.
Also it is available to share all the pictures and the result at the end of analysis.

Mirroring Function

Share all the picture and data from the analysis.
Do not need any more paper receipt or customer card to check the result.
Let customer check the email when they want to see their beauty condition.

Email Function

How does API skin analysis work?

Watch the video

for more information download PDF Catalog


  • All-in-one with screen, lens and its own OS
  • Device with mounted and fixed magnification lens
  • Analysis available for skin, scalp/hair, skin & hair tone
  • Analysis at the same time (time to complete analysis, 15 to 30 seconds for each category)
  • Screen mirroring function
  • Product recommendation based on reliable results.(Built-in product recommendation function)
  • The application has its own built-in customer management capability and customer's analysis data is stored for systematic customer management.






Wi-Fi Type

Wireless LAN IEEE 802.11 b/g/n

OS Support

Android, iOS, Windows

Image Sensor

1/4 inch Color CMOS UXGA (2 Mega Pixel)

Sensor Pixel

Effective pixel : 1,624 X 1,212 Pixel

Image Capture Size

Wi-Fi Video Streaming
VGA (640 X 480)

Image Frame Rate

VGA (640X480) - 30Frame Max


Dip LED X8 & UV-Chip LED X8
(NICHIA / Japan)

Dip LED X8
(NICHIA / Japan)

Dip LED X8
(NICHIA / Japan)

Camera Button Function

Start, Mode Change, Image Capture, Analysis, Result

High Magnification Lens

1. X30-NL
2. X30-PL
3. X30-UV
4. Moisture Sensor

1. X60-NL
2. X60-PL

1. X200-NL
2. X600-NL (Crop)

Measurement Mode

1. Moisture
2. Sebum (U/T Zone)
3. Pore
4. Melanin
5. Cleanliness of Pore (UV)
6. Wrinkle
7. Sensitivity

1.Hair Loss Status
2. Scalp Status
3. Hair Density
4. Keratin of Scalp
5. Sensitivity
6. Hair Thickness
7. Hair Pore Status

1. Hair Loss Status
2. Hair Thickness
3. Hair Pore Status
4. Cuticle Status


Fixed Type


Type: Li-ION / Typical Capacity: 1,150mAh
Normal Voltage: 3.7V

DC IN Adaptor

5V DC / 2A

Out Dimension

50(W)X162(H)X60(D)mm (API-100 / Camera Only )


About 120g (API-100 / Camera Only / with Battery)



Operating Temperature

-10 ~ 50°C

Storage Temperature

-30 ~ 50°C

Operating Humidity

5 ~ 85%

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