Camera For Cosmetic Consulting  ( PC-based device )

A Close Look on Skin & Hair

Visioscope® PC 35


Visioscope® PC 35

Unique USB skin camera to look at certain skin areas in detail (minimum 8 x 6.4 mm). The camera has parallel and cross polarised light, simply switchable by pressing a button. The camera takes most impressive images of the skin surface, of hair and scalp and other body parts (e.g. nails, lips etc.). It is USB based and can simply be connected to any computer.

Pressing the camera button shortly switches between a parallel polarised light source, which shows the structure of the skin and a cross polarized light source which shows the deeper levels of the skin (pigmentation, blood vessels, etc.). Pressing the button longer freezes the live image on the screen.

Visioscope® PC 35  can be operated with two softwares Dermacheck 3000  and  Complete Skin Investigation – CSI .

Quick fact Visioscope® PC 35
  • easy connection via USB
  • all kind of images on skin & hair can be taken
  • easy switching between parallel polarised and cross polarized light
  • practical holder for the camera supplied
  • product recommendation for skin care, hair care, sun care, special products and treatments possible
  • The camera can be used byitself or in the device Multi Skin Test Center MC 1000. An analogue version of the camera is intergrated in the Multi Dermascope MDS 1000.
  • Special foils Sebufix® F 16 and Cornoefix® F 20 in convenient dispensers usable with the camera to perform quantitative analysis of sebum production and desquamation (chart interprets the images visible on the monitor). The Sebufix® mounted on the Visioscope® camera shows the sebum production in real time on the screen.


Visiopor® PP 34 N

The Visiopor can be used to visualize porphyrines (bacterial pigments from Propionibacterium acnes creating comedones and later acne) through fluorescence. Porphyrines show as orange-red spots in the pores under a specific UV light. There are numerous applications for both skin and scalp especially in the field of acne treatment and management.

It comes with an easy to handle evaluation software (distinguishing  the reddish-orange porphyrines of the bacteria from other yellowish-greenish  fluorescents in quantity, size and intensity)

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Visiopor® PP 34 N

Quick fact Visiopor® PP 34 N

  • The Visopor® is USB based and can be connected directly to a computer.
  • Non-invasive, easy to use and economic.
  • Detection of early invisible lesions and visualization of advanced small acne lesions.
  • Promotion of anti-bacterial products, cleansers and drugs against P. acne.
  • Monitoring the course of treatments.