Multi Skin Test Center® (PC-based device)

The Multi Skin-Test Center® MC750, and MC1000 allow you to accurately analyse Skin and hair parameters which are essential for cosmetic treatments. On the other hand, Offering customers a skin elasticity analysis measurement service, leads to a remarkable increase in client confidence and sales of recommended products and treatments.  The device is run through user friendly software.


Multi Skin test-MC1000

The Multi Skin Test Center MC1000 measures hydration, sebum, skin elasticity , pigmentation and redness and Visioscope® PC35 as basic measurement.

You are able to measure skin temperature, TEWL index (the quality of the skin barrier), pH-measurement and hair color measurement as optional.
The camera is switchable from parallel to cross polarization and the camera is the Visioscope® PC35, a USB based camera. The device and camera work with the Complete Skin Investigation (CSI) software.

The Multi Skin Test Center MC750 measures hydration, sebum as basic measurement.

You are able to measure  skin elasticity , pigmentation and redness , skin temperature, TEWL index (the quality of the skin barrier), pH-measurement and hair color measurement as optional.

Visioscope® PC35 USB skin camera with parallel and cross polarized light makes the system complete.

The device and camera work with the Complete Skin Investigation (CSI) software.

Note: since the elasticty measurement needs a vacuum box inside the device to create the pressure it must be ordered with the basic model and cannot be added later


Moisture (Hydration)

Skin hydration is an important factor for skin analysis. It influences many factors including water loss, barrier function, structure and appearance. It is essential for healthy skin to have a sufficient hydration level. What we are concerned with is the hydration of the outer most layer of the skin, the stratum corneum.

Sebum (Oil)

Sebum or natural skin oils are secreted from the sebaceous gland and form part of the acid mantle. As such lipid is important in maintaining the water balance of the skin and is also a vital part of our first line of defence.
Insufficient lipid has negative effects on the acid mantle and promotes water loss negatively affecting hydration. Oily skin can have a tendency to comedones and blemishes.

Pigmentation and skin redness

There are many components that contribute to the pigmentation of our skin. The most important of these are melanin and erythema (redness). Measurement of these two parameters can be used to Determine Fitzpatrick skin tone. Pigmentation measurements are the ideal promotion tool for sun care and skin bleaching products. Redness measurements are useful for determining skin sensitivity or adjusting special treatments (e.g. IPL & lasers).

Elasticity & biological age of the skin

The measurement of the skin’s viscoelastic properties is a true indicator for the real biological age of the skin. The elastic properties of the skin are determined by the elastin and collagen fibres in the dermis with some influence from skin hydration. Skin elasticity measurement is important for assessing skin structure and we can establish whether a client has good average or poor elasticity for their age. Skin elasticity measurement can be used for evaluation of treatments and products required to restore or maintain a youthful appearance in Canada.

Skin pH level

The pH measurement allows you to determine the natural state of the acid mantle of the skin. Determination of the natural acidic coat of skin and scalp (between pH 4.0 and 5.5) is the basis of recommending adequate skin care products, soaps and shampoos.

Quality of the barrier function (Transepidermal waterloss)

The measurement of the water evaporating index from the skin is an indication of the quality of the barrier function of the skin. Even slightest damages in its barrier (not necessarily visible to the human eye) can easily be determined by this measurement. The specially developed sensors allow quick (15 seconds) and stable measurements even at the institute and for measurements at the work place (occupational health).

Skin and hair assessment with the Visioscope® camera

With special illumination of parallel and cross polarized light interesting calculation (Lines and wrinkles, pores and spots) can be performed on the close up images of the skin in the software Complete Skin Investigation – CSI.

Activity of Acne Bacteria

The Visiopor® PP 34 N with a special UV light  polarization light shows the presence of acne bacteria as impressive fluorescent lesions. Ideal for promoting cleansers and anti-acne skin care.

Desquamation & Sebum gland activit

This can be assessed with the special foils Corneofix® F 20 and Sebufix® F 16 or the Sebupad P 49 with or without the camera Visioscope® PC 35.

Quick fact Multi Skin Test Centre

  • ideal tool for all who want to do a comprehensive skin  & image analysis with software.
  • Ability to be connected to other probes in the future
  • Increase the sales of your products and treatments by  giving an individual recommendation founded on all kind of measurements.
  • product recommendation for skin care, hair care, sun care, special products and treatments possible