Visioface Full Face Skin Analysis Device ( PC-based device )

Full face photography and facial skin analysis

VisioFace® 1000D

Visioface D1000

VisioFace® 1000 D

The Visioface is a full face photographic method for facial skin analysis, optimal product recommendation and treatment documentation.

Visioface 1000D is a high resolution full face photography under  homogeneous illumination (white LEDs). This high quality face image  (front or lateral) can be analyzed by CSI (Complete Skin Investigation) or  VisioFace® Basic. These softwares measure different skin parameters such as wrinkle, pore, spots, color …etc and recommends appropriate products accordingly.

How does VisioFace work? watch this video…

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VisioFace® lite

This small and extremely lightweight device consists of a unique light-guiding plexiglas material, which provides homogeneous lighting. A miniature camera takes detailed images of the face frontally or side wise. The same as Visioface 1000D, Images are made then analysed with the Complete Skin Investigation Software (CSI).


What to measure by Visioface:

  • Analysis of spots
  • Analysis of pores
  • Analysis of lines an wrinkles
  • Analysis of color differences
  • UV-like photo for sun damage assessment
  • 3D image


For more features please refer to Complete Skin Investigation (CSI)


Quick fact VisioFace®

  • The most interesting combination of powerful hard- and software and economical price.
  • High resolution reflex camera integrated (12 Megapixel for Visioface 1000D, 5 Megapixel for Visioface lite)
  • Stable, long lasting and extremely homogenous illumination of the face by 210 white light LEDs, without developing heat
  • Head and chin rest for the exact position for a frontal image and images taken sidewise.
  • When not in used the device is lit by an attractive stand-by illumination
  • Head and chin rests are easy to clean.
  • Simple connection to the computer by USB
  • Before the image is taken, the previous image of the customer can be overlayed over the live image in the software as a “ghost image” to help match exactly the same position.
  • When zooming into the image, even slightest details of the skin can be studied.
  • Not only interesting analyses of different parameters can be performed on the image but also products and treatments can be recommended automatically after the session.