Skin analyzer Pen Station PS100 is a MUST in any clinic.

Easily and quickly it measures the most important skin parameters including Moisture, Sebum and Melanin (Pigment) by skin analysis devices in Canada. Also, a hand held camera enables quick skin monitoring.

Pen Station SP100 includes the pens below:

Battery-operated pen probe to quickly and easily determine skin moisture (hydration). The pen immediately displays the result (0-99). Discuss it with your customer with the explanations on the interpretation chart.

Battery-operated probe to read out the sebum level (skin oil) taken with the special Sebupad P 49. The pad shows black spots for the sebum level when put on the skin surface. After the pad is inserted in the probe and read out, it displays the result in % (0-99). The results are explained on an interpretation chart.

Battery-operated probe to determine skin pigmentation (melanin) on a scale from 0-99. Shows the evenness of the skin tone or recommends sun screen products when discussing the result with your customer. The probe is a useful tool in the IPL/laser treatment consulting.

The convenient, handheld monitor displays impressive images of skin and hair taken with the camera. Pressing the camera button shortly switches between a parallel polarised light source, which shows the structure of the skin and a cross polarized light source which shows the deeper levels of the skin analysis (pigmentation, blood vessels, etc.). Press the button longer to freezes the live image on the palm monitor. Discuss the visible details with your customer: pores, spots, impurities, hair, dandruff, lines & wrinkles, etc.

    • Quick and easy skin type analysis including images anywhere at the point of sale.
    • The devices are easy transportable and immediately ready to use.
    • Use only one of them or the complete set in an attractive holder.
    • The pen probes give low battery warnings, the palm monitor can be recharged.
    • The products can easily be customized with your logo.
    • Ideal promotion tools for all kind of skin analysis, sun and hair care products.

Any of pens above can be provided alone or as a complete set in an attractive holder.

Skintone Pen TP 20