eCRF Clinical Trial Software: Things To Know And Learn!

Datacapt ecrf dashboard

Electronic Case Report Form or eCRF or EDC [Electronic Data Capture] System is essential for clinical trials. The software has the power to store accurate and detailed patient data, which are collected during clinical trials. 


On the other hand, EDC or eCRF software can handle both complicated and straightforward trials within all the phases of research. Currently, many clinical trials are opting for this particular software and replacing all the paper records with electronic ones. 


Even though you will find many eCRF software vendors, you will also encounter companies that create their own in-build eCRF software. 


Advantages of using the eCRF clinical trial software

When it comes to using the eCRF clinical trial software, you will surely receive multiple benefits. To know what these benefits are, please check the information below. 


  • Cost-Effectiveness:The cost of this particular software ranges from free to highly expensive. The prices also differ significantly, and some vendors will charge for extra services and other fees. Buying an eCRF software will be a massive investment, it will surely save a lot of funds in the long run. 


  • Accuracy: The eCRF clinical trial softwarecan also improve the quality of the data. You will find options to add constraints on the form that help in preventing illogical and inaccurate values from being accessed. Employing a computerized system will allow automatic calculations and legible entries for much cleaner data. 


  • Data Security:The entire EDC or eCRF software is hosted entirely online, where the data entry work gets completed on the web-based interface. Given how the data gets collected within this particular software tool, the vendors ensure that the data is backed up and protected.