Hair Colorimetry importance and how to perform it?

color differences of hair

Professional colorists do not take the help of CEILAB references and L, A, B values to measure hair color in a standardized way. Instead, they use the hair color catalogue to compare the color. But the experts can take the help of a colorimeter on the model head or hair swatches to identify the hair color. These colorimeters come in the form of a hand-held sensor and have software that helps detect the hair color with much higher accuracy than the
human perception.

Things to know about the hair colorimeter

The colorimeter or color meter can automatically identify the color on the hair swatch. It offers the closest color match, already available in the database. You don’t need to make adjustments as this device will automatically configure itself with optimum measurement. They are easy to use, and you do not require any extra knowledge or skill. But before you start using the device, make sure to do some research on it or check the manual book. You will find some useful tips or instructions that can help you. Once you learn how to use this device, there will be no room for any mistakes or errors.

Where must you use it?
The hair color meter is used for many reasons. Some of these reasons are:
1. It’s used for determining the color differences of hair. The device is used primarily on hair charts, hair swatch producers and hair dye manufacturers.
2. It’s a valuable device for the salon and laboratory.
3. It helps in predicting the color mix.
4. It can help with color deposition and formulation.
5. They are used for creating color references and databases.
6. Helps in monitoring coloration degradation.

What are some of its benefits?

hair color assessment and identification (in-vivo and in-vitro)The MAMBO hair colorimeter can help people who deal with hair-related products and items. But this
particular device also comes with benefits, and you learn about them under this section.
1. It can provide accurate results when it comes to color identification.
2. Has a turnkey system.
3. You will not get affected by the gloss.
4. The device’s adjustments are entirely automatic.
5. In vivo or In vitro.
6. The measurement is instantaneous.
7. Provides direct visualization of a sample.
8. Picks the size of ROI or Region of Interest to conduct analysis.
9. It comes with an auto-exposure feature to offer correct color analysis.


The colorimeter has become an essential device for people who deal with hair dye and work at the hair salon. This device can accurately identify the color present on a model’s hair or hair swatch. Make sure to purchase this particular device from a trusted and well-known company and also conduct a good amount of research with the company right before you make the purchase.