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 Datacapt solution 
A platform to promote your clinical study

Finally a secure solution that complies with regulations and will save your time and quality! Take advantage of a unique interface and adapted and easy-to-use features.

Why to choose Datacapt ?

Use Datacapt, EDC Clinical Trial cloud-based software, to manage each step of your clinical trial research. This EDC (Electronic Data Collection) clinical trial software was designed with the help of specialists in the field to ensure that our Electronic Data Capture clinical trial software is scalable and provides optimum security and quality (e.g., ePRO/eCOA, EDC, data analysis, eConsent, and eCRF).

Clinical trials in Cosmetics and Personal Care require an increasingly high degree of traceability and quality.

The Datacapt electronic data collection software is made for clinical trials in the pharmaceutical industry, cosmetic, medical device, delivering adapted, flexible, and secure solutions.

Quick facts of DATACAPT Electronic Data Collection Software

  • An interface that is intuitive, unique, and user-friendly
  • Enhances quality while securely collecting survey data
  • Produces real-time reports while monitoring your research
  • A secure global solution (e.g., ISO 9001, FDA 21 CFR PART 1, and HDS)
  • Effortlessly builds, saves, and reuses forms fast (e.g., eConsent, ePRO, and eCRF)

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All our prices are tailored to your needs!

Datacapt offers you according to your business based on the principle of monthly packages. Due to the great variety of our customers, we adopt the price according to the needs and use. Adapting our solutions according to your expectations and requirements is our priority.


Designing your eCRF has never been so easy! Use a new generation, fun and fluid eCRF builder. Save time in building your simple or complex eCRFs.

  • Quick and easy construction of your eCRF (without code) in drag and drop
  • Organize and manage the structure of your eCRF forms
  • +12 types of questions available
  • Add real-time data consistency and validations
  • Create repeating measures and conditional questions
  • Create and use your eCRF templates to save time


Collect the data of questionnaires directly nearby of participants

The use of the ePRO module allows you to collect directly and without any manipulation all the questionnaires on site or at home.

  • Easily design your questionnaires in just a few clicks
  • Send questionnaires to patients / subjects quickly
  • Follow the results in real time
  • Directly access the data collected
  • Dedicated and secure space for each participant
  • Facilitate the monitoring and management of participants
Datacapt - A platform to promote your clinical study

Secure consent module allowing you to easily manage subject consents and speed up the start of your studies in full compliance.

Reduce your consent process by more than 50% with eConsent

  • Creation of consent : Create your consent in minutes and send it to all subjects with one click, allowing you to greatly improve the participant experience.
  • Remote or on-site signature : The subject easily accesses a dedicated space in order to sign their consent electronically in complete security. A copy is kept and backed up in real time.

  • Starting your studies : Directly linked to your eCRF, you can access the rest of your study with complete peace of mind.

Simplify all of your process bound at consent and to win of time

  • Compliant with regulations (RGPD & 21 CFR PART 11)
  • Integration of your consents and multimedia elements (photo, video, etc.)
  • Improvement of the consent process
  • Dedicated and secure space accessible by the subject on different media
  • Better engagement of subjects during the clinical study
  • Simple and easy to use
Datacapt - Secure consent module

Tele Consultation

Home study or Hybrid (on site / telemedicine) – Complete monitoring of volunteers & patients


Simplify the management of clinical studies carried out remotely, at the subjects’ homes, in a temporary site or in your laboratory. Linked to eConsent (electronic consent) eCRF and ePRO, consolidate the collected data securely and in full compliance.

  • 100% digital study (decentralized or hybrid)
  • Follow all the stages of the study directly on our solution
  • In connection with your eCONSENT, eCRF and ePRO
  • 100% secure and compliant (end-to-end encryption, HDS, RGPD)
  • Live teleconsultation with our solution
Datacapt - Tele Consultation

The new way to manage your mass data measured by testing instruments

Import your raw data provided by your measuring devices (Cutometer, Corneometer…), process all your values ​​quickly and easily in a few clicks thanks to our data processing solution.

Simplify the processing of instrument data

Your instrument data is automatically analyzed in seconds with our solution.

Import of your raw data

 Import your raw data in Excel format exported from Monaderm’s CLS software, no prior processing is necessary.

Choice of relevant variables to analyze

 Analyze only the desired variables, access a complete summary of the results.

A large number of compatible probes

 Our solution integrates the analysis of more than 10 probes: Cutometer, Sebumeter, Corneometer, Glossymeter …

Our Features

  • Exporting your results Export all your results in a few clicks and directly access the study reports.
  • Statistical studies% Our reports include statistical studies based on your raw data (student test).
  • Product / zone comparison Access comparisons according to products and study areas (product vs placebo, product A vs B ...)
  • Integration of your raw data All your raw data extracted from Monaderm's CLS software (Raw data and Area data) are integrated in order to have quick access to your sources.
  • Support Quick response to all user questions and complete, interactive documentation of the solution.
  • Automatic update Benefit from a reliable and intuitive next-generation solution and benefit from automatic and regular updates and maintenance of the solution.
datacapt- instrument

Learn more about the security of your data

Data security

Datacapt provides safe and unique access to your environment, ensuring your data is secure. This electronic data capture software transmits all the gathered data using the SSL/TLS protocol, guaranteeing data encryption.


The Datacapt electronic data capture software is solution compliant with the FDA 21 CFR PART 11 and ICH GCP. Thus, for example, the program enables you to create electronic signatures, secure access to the solution, generate external backups, and run nominative and complete follow-ups of user actions (Audit Trails).



Because of protection and encryption mechanisms, your account access is entirely confidential.

Secure Hosting

Our French partner (certified on ISO 27001 and the 6 HDS layers) provides HDS hosting of our solution on the following certified servers; ISO/IEC 27001:2013, 27017:2015, 27018:2019, and 9001:2015. Additional security is provided by external backups of your data.

High Availability

There is 24-hour access to a resiliency system, no matter the circumstance. To ensure production that is fluid and stable 24/7 and around the world, we replicated our solution in three availability zones.


Data Backup and Hosting

Six daily automatic data backups with HDS data hosting in France. There are also externalized backups in Ireland on an HDS server. Plus, all of your backed-up data are encrypted, ensuring optimum security.

Datacapt - 21 CFR PART 11 compliance

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