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Reduce study build time and manage on site or virtual clinical trials with our intuitive EDC system.
Datacapt ecrf dashboard

DataCapt eCRF Software is the perfect solution for Case Report Form management, designed with a flexible and user oriented approach.

Quickly build your study (eCRF, forms)

DataCapt – eCRF Software, designed with an innovative technology, is the ideal tool for Clinical Trial Management. DataCapt is a more efficient system for Clinical Trial data entry and monitoring, collecting and managing patient records of any study center and any visit.

Datacapt has a flexible and user-friendly eCRF builder that helps you quickly create all kinds of eCRF forms. The system allows over 15 types of questions and advanced management of each step of your research. Plus, there is no required JavaScript coding.

The ultimate solution for Clinical Trial Management

Creation by drag-and-drop

Creating eCRF forms need not be difficult or time-consuming. The Datacapt eCRF form builder takes only three simple steps; drag, drop, and reorganize.

Infinite question-types

Example question types include scoring, radio button, calculation, text, date and time, file download, checkbox, adding images, and number.

eCRF Library

For a swift start to your clinical research, easily generate, save, and use eCRF templates. Not only will you save time creating your eCRFs, but you can also customize the templates according to your needs.

Recurring measurements

You can easily collect the data by adding recurring measurements to your eCRF forms.

Conditional questions and validation of data

Reduce data entry errors and increase consistency by adding real-time data validations to your questions. Choose questions that are appropriate for your scenarios.

Customized to your standards and constraints

It has never been easier or quicker to design your complex or simple eCRFs. Use a fluid and fun novel generation of eCRF builders.

Why to choose Datacapt ?

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Maximized collection of data

Use a tailored interface to capture all of your data. Also, monitor inclusions and your studies’ progress in real-time, which you can easily backup and save.

DATACAPT eCRF Quick fact

  • Easily track your data and validate it ( queries/monitoring)
  • Directly consult and update your collected data
  • Enter your patient or volunteer data effortlessly
  • View the progress of your inclusions in real-time
  • Features database-lock to protect the integrity of your data
  • In real-time, retrieve the status and development of inclusions
  • Sign your eCRFs per the recommendations of 21 CFR PART 11
  • Transfer your eCRF data into several formats (e.g., PDF, XLSX, and CSV)

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