Reliable and accurate electronic data capture (EDC) platform

With Datacapt, you can capture and record your clinical trial data more accurately
and precisely to complete tasks and get more projects in the same field!

Our eCRF platform for remote or onsite clinical trial data capture and management

Datacapt has introduced an intuitive solution to help you capture and manage different types of clinical datasets. You can now build your personalized eCRF pages, ensuring maximum reliability and productivity for your research and clinical project. We will help you cut down the costs for recording and managing data and reduce the hassles concerning personal database management and optimization.

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Reduce study build time and manage on site or virtual clinical trials with our intuitive EDC system.

DataCapt eCRF Software is the perfect solution for Case Report Form management, designed with a flexible and user oriented approach.

Key features of our eCRF form

Faster deployment

Work faster but wiser with Datacapt’s intuitive eCRF platform. You can now create, deploy, and manage electronic forms for the customers, ensuring maximum efficiency and accuracy in complex data calculation, appropriate data collection, and recording all details for the centralized database.

All-in-one platform

We have provided you with an all-in-one solution to reduce the hassles of working with different clinical datatypes. From ePRO to eCONSULT, you can perform an array of functions on the same platform. So, there won’t be multiple windows to manage and handle or any confusion with the recording and management of clinical datasets.

Intuitive and modern UI

At Datacapt, we have ensured the overall platform features a modern and intuitive user interface for easier handling of the entire system. Whether you want to build your personalized eCRF form or collect or submit forms and go through various datasets, our electronic case report form software will reduce the hassles of working on these digital forms and the submitted data attributes.

Compliance validation

From GDPR to HIPPA, our eCRF platform allows you to comply more with all health and clinical rules and regulations. Therefore, you won’t have to handle the legal hassles of non-compliance while dealing with different types of clinical datasets and other operations concerning the electronic forms that collect user data and other information sets of clinical methods.

Record management

Datacapt allows you to track and manage different dataset types to ensure you won’t have to deal with the hassles of any processes associated with clinical trials. We will help you to bring more accuracy and efficiency in your clinical research works, customer data handling for healthcare services, and so on.

Built-in eCRF templates

We have several built-in templates for electronic forms. If you do not have the expertise to build and create your form, use these templates to kickstart your digital form campaign and ease the work list associated with the collection and management of the forms and the associated datatypes.

Quick and easy development of electronic forms for clinical data trials

Just 15 minutes! Yes, you heard it right! With our electronic case report form software, you can build and deploy the forms within minutes. Our eCRF builder comes with several new features like the addition of multiple questions at a time, the presence of different categories based on clinical data types and healthcare services, different templates, and so on. You don’t have to be tech-savvy to develop the best solutions for building electronic case report forms. Our online platform has got you covered!

Simplified drag-and-drop

Drag and drop the features you want to add to the electronic case report forms and build the perfect forms for data collection and better business efficiency.

Data validation and clinical questionnaire

Validate all forms of datasets collected and include clinical questions based on several conditions suitable for your business.

Built-in library

Use our built-in templates and customize the features to meet your requirements and ensure optimal user satisfaction.

An array of questions

Add questions to meet your purpose using several UI components like buttons, drop downs, image scoring, calculation boxes, and more.

Recurrent data collection

With our eCRF builder platform, you can deploy measurable recurrent forms that will collect data multiple times and relay the same to thethe centralized database.

Scalable and flexible

Scale the electronic forms to meet the business constraints and ensure the collected datasets are most accurate.

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Accurate collection of clinical data

Collect data with maximum precision and ensure all the datasets are stored safely in a centralized database. Use our inclusive and intuitive platform to gain superior control of real-time insights about clinical research and study.
  • Collect the user data with ease
  • Shows insights on the real-time project status
  • Automated data calculation and output validation
  • Lock database for maximum security and zero redundancy
  • Supports export of eCRFs in multiple formats
  • Manage different access permissions
  • Flexible bandwidth for multiple users

Want to manage clinical trial datasets with maximum efficiency? Datacapt is here for you!

From understanding what an eCRF is in a clinical trial to getting a demo on the unified global platform, we now get more detailed insights from our consultants. We will reduce the burden and help you use digitalization to ease the hassles of clinical trial data recording and management.

Optimal performance and productivity

With Datacapt eCRF software, recording and managing clinical trial datasets becomes much easier for enhanced productivity and research project performance.
  • Automated data saving on a real-time basis
  • Monitoring and reviewing clinical datasets
  • Manage all user queries and concerns
  • A unified solution for your work
  • Store documentation safely with database-lock

Maximized collection of data

Use a tailored interface to capture all of your data. Also, monitor inclusions and your studies’ progress in real-time, which you can easily backup and save.

DATACAPT eCRF Quick fact

  • Easily track your data and validate it ( queries/monitoring)
  • Directly consult and update your collected data
  • Enter your patient or volunteer data effortlessly
  • View the progress of your inclusions in real-time
  • Features database-lock to protect the integrity of your data
  • In real-time, retrieve the status and development of inclusions
  • Sign your eCRFs per the recommendations of 21 CFR PART 11
  • Transfer your eCRF data into several formats (e.g., PDF, XLSX, and CSV)