Collect and study patient data
on a real-time basis with our intuitive ePRO software

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Optimize your clinical trials with in-depth information sets about patients
and the treatment status through our intuitive and accurate ePRO software

Advanced ePRO software to create and deploy patient surveys for easier clinical trial optimization

Advanced ePRO software to create and deploy patient surveys for easier clinical trial optimization

With our ePRO software, you can easily create survey forms, add conditional questions, and questions on the treatment progress, and include a rating scale for user experience and satisfaction in no time. You can also deploy the survey forms to any device registered in your database to ensure your users can quickly provide their answers and help you understand the loopholes in the clinical trial. You don’t have to worry about any discrepancy that will help you optimize the clinical trial methodologies for more efficiency and productivity.

Stay in Cloud!

Create electronic surveys quickly and easily with an intuitive solution.

Send surveys to your patients in minutes!

DataCapt ePRO allows you to collect participants data directly and without any manipulation with surveys on site or at home with a unique and intuitive interface.

Advantages of using ePRO software for clinical trials

How can ePRO help take your clinical trial methodologies and practices up by ten folds? No worry! We support your queries and give real-time insights into the benefits of electronic patient-reported outcomes.

Better patient experience

With the help of ePRO software, you can create patient survey forms and get updates on their health status and treatment progress. As a result, you can quickly introduce modifications in clinical trials to provide a better experience to your patients.

More efficiency

More efficiency

Thanks to real-time datasets on patients and clinical trials, it becomes easier for the research team to find the loopholes in their trial methodologies and optimize the same for more accuracy and improved performance.


Improved patient-data safety

With our ePRO software compliant with various healthcare and clinical compliances, all the patient datasets will be secured and kept safe. You won’t have to worry about violating compliant rules or dealing with legal cases.


Reduced costs

Our survey form builder and collector will help you optimize the clinical trial methodologies. As a result, you can reduce the overall costs and improve trial efficiency for maximum productivity and performance.

Ditch the manual paper forms and integrate digitalization

No need to rely on paper-based clinical forms anymore because we have ensured you can easily buy and send the digital forms with ease. The time required for completing the process is minimal, and you can quickly bring optimization to the overall process. There is no need to build a new survey every time because we have ensured our survey forms can be reused multiple times with superficial modifications.

Enjoy the series of opportunities that comes with our ePRO software

Collecting patient data is crucial for optimizing and modifying clinical trials and the concerned methodologies. This is where our ePRO software comes into play. We will help you reduce the time and cost of creating survey forms, providing the same to the patients, and obtaining reports on their health and treatment.
Intuitive and easy to use

Our electronic patient-reported outcome (ePRO) for clinical trial software is straightforward. You won’t have to spend hours creating rh survey forms or studying the customer datasets post form submission.

Automatic deployment scheduling

With our software, you can easily send the forms to your patients’ devices and schedule them for automatic deployment to reduce the hassles and bring more efficiency into your system.

Automated reminders

No need to call the patients and ask for their valuable input. Our software will allow you to set automatic reminders to generate push notifications to the concerned device for survey form submission.

Real-time statistics

Our analytical software platform will help you to study real-time datasets and use the same for analysis and report generation. These will give you detailed insights into the status or progress of the clinical trial methodologies.

No way better than having a trial first?

Ask for a free tiral !

DataCapt provides this opportunity for your research team to try out and work with a free trial for a month and then you can make the contract if sataisfied.

Why choose Datacapt for ePRO software?

  • 95% satisfaction for the participants of the survey and better user performance and experience
  • More than 5000 survey forms have been created and deployed to an array of devices through the ePRO software of Datacapt
  • Our platform is 100% complaint with different rules and regulations like HIPPA, GDPR, and 21 CFR PART 11
  • We ensure maximum safety for patient data while offering better use of the information to modify your clinical trials
  • Datacapt comes with a unified platform to help you manage the survey forms, build the new ones, reuse the past forms, and study the patient details on the submitted surveys

Unified platform for data

Our centralized software will help you track and study all types of datasets without using different software platforms.

Swifter uploading of files

From selfies to prescriptions and medical reports, ePRO will help your patients to upload different documents and keep you updated about their health and the treatment processes

Scheduling survey from operations

From automatic scheduling deployment of survey forms to send automatic reminders to the concerned patients, our ePRO software will help you to ease your clinical operations.

Work in sync with Datacapt for optimizing clinical trials

Discover your patients’ details and the treatment status with the ePRO software from Datacapt at the earliest.


  • Dedicated, secured and multilingual interface for each participant
  • Monitor date and answers in real time
  • Increase patient engagement
  • Direct access to the collected data
  • Monitor date and answers in real time
  • Easily design your surveys in a few clicks
  • Send surveys to patients quickly
  • Resend ePRO survey email invitation with a specific email object and message.
  • Save a question as template to reuse it in eCRF or ePRO