Humidity Control Chamber

Humidity control chamber

For hair tress measurement in controlled condition 

Humidity has a remarkable influence on hair quality. Hence to measure the impact of a product in a wide range of climates as well as to insure test reproducibility it is necessary to control humidity.

Humidity Control Chamber for Hair has been designed to provide a solution for conditioning hair tresses in a humidity controlled environment and performing time lapses and other live measurements.

The Humidity Control is a turnkey humidity control system dedicated to hair swatch conditioning and analysis. It allows to adjust the humidity level in the box between 5% and 95%.

Assembly consists of  Humidity Controller/Software and pre-assembled Humidity Chamber. It’s possible to provide Controller and software or chamber separately. 

Humidity Chamber

Humidity Chamber

Our see-through box can hold several swatches at the same time for swatches storage or for measurements. By removing the front window, the BOLERO Lite can easily be integrated into the Humidity box, allowing simple volume and fly-away / frizz measurements.

Humidity chamber controller (Complete assembly)

Humidity chamber controller (Complete assembly)

Our special humidity controller is able to control the humidity inside the box with a tolerance of 2%. Settings are easily controlled via software, which also provides a live humidity and temperature reading inside the box.

Integration ability

Humidity Control Chamber

Humidity Control Chamber for Hair has been designed to be used conjointly with two of our systems : the BOLERO Lite and the SHUFFLE

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Where to use:

The Humidity Box can be used for applications ranging from claim substantiation and product efficacy testing of volumizing products, to the analysis of hair swatch volume and visual appearance.

How does Humidity control chamber for hair work? watch this video…

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Humidity Range 5% to 95%
Humidity Precision
±2% Refresh rate 0.5 Hz Temperature Celsius Software Humidity Control 1.0
Controller/Computer connection
USB 2.0 Operating system Windows 10
Dimensions Controller
14” x 18” x 7” (36cm x 46cm x 18cm) Dimensions Box 26” x 23.5” x 15 “ (66cm x 60cm x 38cm)
Weight Controller
4 lbs. (2 kg) Weight Box 8 lbs. (4 kg)
100/240 VAC – 50-60 Hz 6 A