hair color assessment and identification (in-vivo and in-vitro)

Professional colorists do not measure hair color in a standardized manner i.e. with L,a,b value and CIELAB references but compare it to a hair color catalogue (database).


MAMBO is a hand-held sensor that can be used on hair swatches or directly on the model head and by its dedicated software identifies hair color with very higher accuracy than human perception.


Just place MAMBO on the swatch you want to characterize to automatically identify its color. MAMBO delivers the closest color match in the database already available, or your personal database that you would have entered beforehand. No adjustments are necessary for the operator -MAMBO will automatically configure itself for optimum measurement.




Where to use:


  • MAMBO was developed to determine color differences of hair. It’s widely used by dye manufactures, hair swatch producers, hair chart
  • Useful tool for the laboratory or the salon
  • Can help formulation and color deposition
  • Prediction of colors mix
  •  Creation of color databases and references
  • Monitoring of coloration degradation

How does MAMBO measures hair Color? watch this video…

Quick fact MAMBO

 Objective tool for accurate color identification

 Turnkey system

 No effect from gloss

 All adjustment are automatic
 Measurement is instantaneous
 In vitro or in vivo

 Direct visualization of your sample
 Select the size of the Region of Interest (ROI) for the analysis
 Auto-exposure feature for accurate real-time color analysis