Orientation measurements for Hair Straightness & Alignment studies


RUMBA has been specifically designed to measure the orientation of hair fibers, and compute straightness and alignment coefficient for product efficiency analysis. It is used in the cosmetic industry for claims and development of product such as straightening irons, conditioners, hair sprays, etc.  It works for any type of hair, from straight to curly, from black to blond and white. 


RUMBA comes as a turn-key system including the imaging sensor and its controller box, a computer with a dedicated software as well as a lab setup.  The measurement can be made on hair tresses or directly on a consumer’s head, thanks to an acquisition time of less than 1 second.


RUMBA allows the mapping of the hair orientation on 2D image. By means of this image you can determine straightness and alignment properties of any kind of hair sample.

Where to use:


  • RUMBA is widely used in different industries such as hair blower, dryer, conditioner, straightener, lotion, etc..
  • Useful tool for R&D of hair swatch and synthetic hair manufacturers.
  • and more
Quick fact RUMBA

  • Can differentiate hair orientation from -45° to +45° with a 0.1° precision
    Measurement is less than 1 Sec
  • High resolution 4 M pixels camera that allows hair fibers differentiation
  • Enclosure to block external light and air flow
  • Any hair type (color and shape)
  • Any hair sample (Hair swatch – Mannequin head – Consumer head)
  • RUMBA software processes the image quickly and gives a complete analysis of the distribution of the hair fiber orientation (mean angle, standard deviation, etc.)