Hair shine analysis for claims and research

Samba- Hair gloss

SAMBA Hair is a unique device to analyze the gloss and shine of hair.

A complete analysis of the gloss characteristics of your hair tress is delivered in seconds. It includes :

  • Specular and Diffused images obtained with our polarization-imaging sensor
  • Angular profiles of Specular, Diffused and Chroma
  • Numerical data : Luster, light intensity, shine bandwidth, etc.


SAMBA Hair comes as a turn-key system which includes an imaging sensor head, an in-vitro enclosure with a sliding cylinder, as well as a computer with dedicated and user-friendly software. The hair samples are positioned on a cylindrical mount that slides inside the instrument.

The system also allows in-vivo measurements using a rotating arm positioned on the side of the imaging sensor head.


Where to use:

  • It is widely used in the cosmetic industry to substantiate claims and evaluate products efficacy – such as shampoo, conditioners, shine sprays, etc. – on any straight hair.

How does SAMBA measure hair gloss? watch this video…

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Quick fact SAMBA HAIR

  • SAMBA Hair is a robust, turn-key system for Shine, Chroma, Diffuse and Luster quantification
  • Parallel and crossed polarization imaging
  • Any color can be used for analysis
  • In-vivo and In-vitro measurement
  • SAMBA hair Software can reconstruct the specular and diffusion images of  hair swatches and organize the images, compares the values and export all data including images, graphs and tables.
  • Measurement time <5 sec