Multi-tools platform for hair testing


SHUFFLE is a new platform which is able to perform a wide range of hair volume measurements that is easy to use and easy to switch.

SHUFFLE consists of a collapsible frame that can be fitted with various attachments, allowing the user to measure a wide range of visual parameters using a single platform. Several attachments can be used for different type of analysis.

The current attachments available are listed below :

Shuffle Lite/TioBy WIDE/TRIO attachment, you can extract information about the change in volume and frizz of your hair swatch from a 2D analysis of up to 3 swatches simultaneously. Numerical data about the volume / frizz can be measured over the whole swatch or along the swatch vertical axis.

Its function is similar to Bolero Lite and Trio.

shuffle 360This attachment allows for a similar frizz / volume analysis as the TRIO / WIDE attachment but uses a 3D reconstruction analysis instead of a simple 2D image analysis.

Its function is similar to Bolero 3D.

shuffle hula hopBy HULA, you can measure changes in volume and frizz during the movement of a hair swatch, but also the angle of the hair swatch axis and the damping effect. All those parameters can be measured with different speeds as the motor can move with a frequency between 0.7 and 2.5 Hz

This module is available only on SHUFFLE.

shuffle hula hopHOP helps you to compare the hair swatch characteristics (volume and frizz) before and after a user-defined perturbation (speed and duration)

This module is available only on SHUFFLE.

Where to use:

  • It is widely used in the cosmetic industry to substantiate claims and evaluate products efficacy – such as shampoo, conditioners, volumizing shampoo , etc. – on any kind of hair.

Watch this video to see ``HOW SHUFFLE MEASURES``

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  • Multiple attachments can be used for different type of analysis

  • HUMIDITY BOX INTEGRATION: Can fit inside the Bossa Nova Vision Humidity Box

  • FOLDABLE SETUP: The system can be easily stored and deployed thanks to its foldable design

  • PLUG & PLAY: No special installation is needed – easy cabling and the system is ready to go

  • SHUFFLE Software can perform extensive analysis on the visual properties of hair samples, compare and exports all data including images, graph and tables.