The MultiProbe Adapter System® provides the user with increased flexibility and cost-effectiveness for multiple measurements. Each system has the capacity to connect several probes of either the same or different measurements. All of the systems require connection to a computer and come with the software that will run the device. The software for the MPA system automatically recognizes the probes that are connected to the system making it quick and easy to start making measurements. In addition, all future Courage & Khazaka measurement probes will be compatible with this system ensuring that you can expand your measurement capabilities in the most cost-effective way.


  • Expand your measurement capabilities easily
  • Cost-effective
  • Flexible
  • New developments compatible with the system
  • User-friendly software for speedy transfer of data for analysis
  • Calibration data stored in the probe
  • Large range of measurement parameters available
  • Check calibration functions to check the accuracy
  • Basic systems to suit different needs
  • The data from the ambient condition sensor RHT 100 are saved with the measurements
  • The MPA system is operated with an overall C+K software.
  • All future C+K probes will be compatible with this system


Watch how MPA measures various skin parameters ?(By Courtesy of Belinda Carli)


MultiProbe Adapter System MPA6

The Multi Probe Adapter System MPA6 has a built-in Sebumeter® and can connect up to 5 other measurement probes. These probes can be similar or different probes.


MultiProbe Adapter System MPA10

The MultiProbe Adapter System MPA10 has a built-in Sebumeter® and can connect up to 9 other measurement probes with of the same type or different.


MultiProbe Adapter MPA2

The MultiProbe Adapter MPA2 is a new addition to the MPA range. It plugs into the computer via the USB port and does not require connection to a separate power source.

MPA580-MPA6-Mullti probe Adapter

MultiProbe Adapter System MPA580

The MultiProbe Adapter System Cutometer Dual MPA580 has all the features of the MPA6 with a  built-in Sebumeter® and the possibility of adding up to 4 other probes. In addition, it can also be used to measure elastic and viscoelastic properties of the skin using the Cutometer® probe that can be connected. It is possible to connect two Cutometer probes of a differing aperture at the same time. TheCutometer® measurement is performed using a separate software from the MPA system giving you two pieces of equipment in one box.

The MPA580 gives the widest range of measurement possibilities of any device on the market.