Skin-Corneometer CM825

world’s best selling  skin hydration measurement device

Corneometer® CM 825

The Corneometer ® CM825 is the latest version of Corneometer ® probe. The Corneometer® provides a reproducible and accurate measurement to determine hydration levels of the stratum Corneum since 1980.
It has conquered over the years the first international rank as an efficient and reliable instrument for measuring the hydration variations of the stratum corneum, in a wide variety of physiological, pathological and experimental conditions.Documented by the numerous scientific bibliography in which the term “Corneometry” is used as a synonym for the measurement of skin hydration. CM825 is the instrument that for over 30 years has been the most used worldwide for accurate and reproducible measurements.
The instrument can work independently from the computer or connected to it through specific software. Also available as a wireless probe.

Where to use:

  • Ideal instrument for formulation, claim support and efficacy testing of all cosmetics & skin care products (personal care, irritation research, soaps and cleansers, occlusive product development ), raw materials, pharmaceuticals, household products, detergents, food supplements and many more.
  • In dermatological basis research.
  • In occupational health to underline the importance of skin protection measures.

Quick fact Skin-Corneometer® CM 825

  • Reproducible results thanks to spring inside the probe
  • Easy to use and quick measuring (1 sec) so no occlusion to affect on measurement.
  • The low weight of the probe and small measurement area (49mm2) allow for easy measurements on all body sites.
  • Check calibration to ensure the accuracy of the measurement.
  • It is possible to make a individual and continuous measurements of skin hydration.
  • The Corneometer® CM825 is available as a probe for the MPA system or  Multi Display Devices device MDD4 or as Wireless probe.


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