Mechanical Properties Measurement


The Cutometer® with skin elasticity measurement has been a standard cosmetics measurement tool for over 35 years. In fact, due to its ease of use and accuracy, the Cutometer® probe is the most internationally used machine in cutting-edge skin elasticity research. Also, the innovative software provides even more benefits, improving the quality and effortlessness of your work.


The skin has various mechanical properties that are essential to its elasticity on multiple levels. Physiologically, these properties provide flexibility and strength. They are also critical to our emotional and social well-being, keeping us looking youthful if appropriately maintained. These facts are why skin elasticity measurement tools like the Cutometer® are vital to understanding and treating problems with skin elasticity.



Where to use:

The Cutometer® as a skin elasticity measurement probe is:

  • the primary measurement tool for all cosmetic applications;
  • necessary for all formulations, claims support and efficacy testing of cosmetic products, especially anti-cellulite, anti-aging, and firmness enhancing products;
  • essential to basic dermatological research; and
  • Skin Elasticity tests can be used to determine elasticity in other materials, like food and textiles.


How does Cutometer® work?

The Cutometer®’s measuring principle is founded on a negative pressure suction method. A pump inside the device produces negative pressure, a small skin sample into a measuring probe. Once the suction is turned off, the skin attempts to revert to its previous state.

A contact-free optical method records the skin’s penetration depth inside the measuring probe. This optical measurement system is made of a receiver diode and a light source. It also has two Cutometer® principle mirror prisms directing a light beam from a transmitter to a receiver. The incoming light intensity depends on the skin’s penetration depth into the probe.

The Cutometer® works in two phases to (a) determine the skin’s elastic and viscoelastic properties and (b) establish its biological age. First, the skin’s firmness is measured by its ability to resist being sucked into the probe. Next, the probe measures the skin’s elasticity by its ability to return to its previous state. The skin’s movement in both phases is presented on the screen in real-time on a curve based on the penetration depth (mm/time). This curve is used to calculate many exciting and informative parameters.

Cutometer-collagen-elastinThe second part of the curve begins immediately once the suction stops in the next phase. At this time, the collagen should help the skin rapidly return to its earlier condition. Over time, the elastin takes over again to reform the rest of the skin. Since younger skin has fresher collagen than older skin, it typically returns to its pre-test state much faster.

Quick fact Cutometer®

  • The Cutometer® probe works only with Basic device MPA580 which supports Cutometer probe, Sebumeter and up to 4 other C+K probes at the same time.
  • The Cutometer® probe is compatible with the MPA CTplus software.
  • The Cutometer®’s measurement principle relies on suction using negative pressure.
  • Measurements of Skin elasticity test are assessed on a screen using live curves.
  • The Cutometer® probe can be supplied  with numerous aperture sizes (2, 4, 6 and 8 mm Ø) to fit various study requirements and skin sites. The size of probe must be chosen before order and is not adjustable. 2mm is standard aperture size.
  • MPA580 supports two Cutometer probes with different aperture size at the same size.
  • All data from the curves (e.g., penetration depths) are instantly accessible via Excel® 
  • A simple calibration check can ascertain the probe’s accuracy.
  • Take as many curves in one measurement as you need. You can hide/display them for a better view.
  • New exciting ageing parameters for mode 2 and 3 (“maximum collagen power”).
  • Different measurements side by side can be opened to compare the details visually.
  • See and save the pressure curve (optionally) to evaluate and control your measurements .
  • The Cutometer® MPA CTplus software enables operators to calculate from the curve’s diverse angles.


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