Mechanical Properties Measurement

Cutometer®The skin mechanical properties are important physiologically, socially and emotionally. Physiologically, it is the mechanical properties of the skin that provide the strength and flexibility. The mechanical properties are important socially and emotionally because it is the mechanical properties of the skin that keep us looking youthful. Elasticity measurements provide an objective measure of the mechanical properties of the skin.

The Cutometer® has been recognized as a standard for elasticity measurements for many years. It has been used to provide new discoveries in the field of dermatology and cosmetology by many scientists (Ask for list of  studies…)


Where to use:

  • The elasticity measurement with the Cutometer® is the basic measurement for all cosmetic applications.
  • It is obligatory for formulation, efficacy testing and claim support for all kinds of cosmetic products (especially anti-aging products, firmness enhancing or anti-cellulite products).
  • Important in dermatological basic research.
  • Other materials like food, textiles can also be assessed.

Quick fact Cutometer®

  • principle is based on the suction method (Negative pressure).
  • The measurement is monitored as live curves on the screen.
  • The probe can be delivered with several aperture sizes (2, 4, 6 and 8 mm Ø) to fit different skin sites and different study requirements.
  • All data of the curves (penetration depths per mS and all results) are immediately available for Excel® spreadsheets (4 curves at the same time).
  • Simple check calibration for checking the accuracy of the Cutometer® probe at any time
  • The new software of the Cutometer® MPA 580 allows to calculate a lot of interesting parameters from the different portions of the measurement curve (for more details seeHere…)
  • The Cutometer® probe is only connectable to the MPA 580 .


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