Skin-Glossymeter GL 200

Measuring Gloss on Skin, Lips and Hair

Skin-Glossymeter GL200

The measurement of gloss is very important in the efficacy testing of skin care, hair care and decorative cosmetics (lipsticks, make-up, etc.). Skin and hair are supposed to show a natural, luminous gloss without appearing oily.











Where to use:


  • For formulation, claim support and efficacy testing of skin care, hair care and decorative cosmetics (lipsticks, make-up etc.).
  • Evaluation of skin shine reducing or skin radiance enhancing products in facial care.
Quick fact Skin-Glossymeter GL 200
  • The measurement is combined in a uniquely designed probe head. It allows very quick measurement (1 s) and is very easy to to handle.
  • Continuous measurements over a longer time period can optionally be performed.
  • The spring in the probe head ensures constant pressure on the skin enabling exact, reproducible measurements.
  • The accuracy of the Skin-Glossymeter GL 200 probe can be checked easily anytime.
  • Especially designed for skin but applications like measurements on lips, hair, teeth and other materials are also easily possible
  • specially designed hair clip to measure the gloss easily and conveniently directly on the hair
  • The probe head can easily be cleaned after each measurement.
  • The Skin-Colorimeter GL 200 probe is available as a stand-alone device MDD or connectable to the MPA systems or as a wireless probe.