Skin-Colorimeter CL 400

The Colorimeter CL 400 measures specifically the colour of the skin. Measuring values are expressed as coordinates in the colour space L*a*b* (or as RGB).





Where to use:


  • The probe has been developed especially for the needs of measuring changes in the skin color.
  • Cosmetic and pharmaceutical efficacy tests, like sun screen products, self tanners, make-up, whitening products, decorative cosmetics and carotene food supplements.
  • In many dermatological uses e.g. aging spots, sun damage, treatment of skin diseases, etc.
Quick fact Skin-Colorimeter CL 400
  • Reproducible results
  • Easy to use
  • Values displayed as xyz and calculated in L*a*b and RGB
  • Simple check calibration
  • Minimum pressure effect and less micro circulation reddish color  by low constant pressure of the probe on the skin surface
  • The Skin-Colorimeter CL 400 probeis is available as a stand-alone device MDD or connectable to the MPA systems or as a wireless probe.