Skin-pH-Meter PH 905

pH-Measurement on Skin and Scalp
Skin-pH-Meter PH 905

The Skin-pH-Meter PH 905 is a quick, easy and economical tool to specifically measure the pH on the skin surface or the scalp.


The measurement is based on a high quality combined electrode, where both glass H+ ion sensitive electrode and additional reference electrode are placed in one housing. It is connected to a probe handle containing the measurement electronics.


The measurement of the pH level of the skin surface is important for evaluating the quality of the hydrolipidic film on the skin. This has particularly been the case when developing soaps cleansers or detergents.

skin pH probe


Where to use

  • In pharmaceutical, cosmetic and household application fields for the development of specific products (skin care, hair care, detergents, pharmaceuticals, etc.)
  • In dermatological basic research
  • In occupational health to show the importance of the application of skin protection products in certain work areas.

Quick fact Skin-pH-Meter PH 905

  • The modern, high quality electronics of the probe allow a very quick (1 s) and reliable measurement avoiding occlusion effects.
  • The probe head has a planar design allowing for measurements to be made directly on the skin.
  • Single and continuous measurement possible. Both are initiated by pressing the button on the probe handle.
  • pH is expressed with one decimal.
  • Regular calibration can be conducted by the user.
  • The  probe Skin-pH-Meter PH 905 is available as a stand-alone device MDD or connectable to the MPA systems or as a wireless probe or in the Derma Unit SSC 3.


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