Sebumeter® SM 815 

Determining sebum on the skin surface, scalp and hair

For over 30 years, the Sebumeter®  has been the most used instrument worldwide for the accurate and reproducible measurement of the sebum level of the skin surface and scalp. There is a large scientific literature in which the term “sebometry” is used for measurements made with this instrument.

Our skin produces sebum normally all over the body but the amount of sebum in different parts is very different, so that it makes possible to categorize the level of sebum for each part. This parameter is used for various clinical studies and researches.



The Sebumeter® measures the skin sebum by means of a special tape which is sensitive to oil and becomes transparent in contact with skin oil. 

Where to use

  • It is used in dermatological basic research.
  • It is important for claim support and efficacy testing of all kinds of cosmetic and pharmaceutical products (especially cleansers, anti-acne products, shampoos and hair care, products for oily skin)

Quick fact Sebumeter® SM815

  • The special tape only reacts to the skin sebum independent on the water content.
  • A zero calibration before each measurement provides highest accuracy.
  • The accuracy of the device can be checked at any time with a special check calibration cassette with a fixed value.
  • Easy and quick measurement
  • The Sebumeter® probe is available as a stand-alone device MDD or connectable to the MPA systems.



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