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Now arrange teleconsultation with your patients in a safe
and secured network while offering the best customer experience

Telemedicine with eCONSULT to take healthcare services to the next level

Telemedicine has become a new hype now. Take your healthcare services to the next level and offer patients an exceptional user experience to ensure doctors can take remote calls and work in a decentralized method. Our eCONSULT software allows doctors to offer consultation from any place to any patient without any physical visit. In addition, our software will also help you optimize the clinical trials by recording the teleconsultation sessions and assessing the medical services being offered to the patients.

How can eCONSULT help a healthcare company to improve its services?

Easy and seamless access

With Datacapt, you can easily use the eCONSULT platform to improve your company’s healthcare services. Patients will have easy access to doctors and medical consultants. Therefore, you won’t have to schedule an appointment or deal with the hassles of patients not getting immediate help when required.

Reduced operational costs

Our software for eCONSULT for clinical trials will help you to reduce the total operational costs, from maintaining the healthcare centers to improving the infrastructures. So, you won’t have to worry about the total operational costs going overhead or the total expenses not matching the budget forecasts.

Remote and decentralized consultation

One of the best ways in which our eCONSULT software will help you is through the process of remote and decentralized consultation. From people traveling to another state to the ones living in rural areas, everyone can connect with the doctors can get the consultation they need without having to appear physically for the same.


Datacapt eCONSULT features you will enjoy

Keep your patients engaged with seamless integrations of eCONSULT

With Datacapt’s patient television software, you can keep them engaged with your healthcare business for a long time. We have ensured our software can be integrated with your existing healthcare software systems with ease for hassle-free operations and optimal patient experience.

Besides, all the clinical trial datasets will be available on the same platform. Therefore, doctors can easily access these information sets and offer excellent service to patients.

Enjoy the greater patient outreach with eCONSULT

Reach out to more patients

With our eCONSULT portal, you can reach out to more patients and offer the best services while accessing different datasets from our portal concerning clinical trials and medical records. Plus, you will have more exposure and ensure you can have a higher number of business visits.

Gather real-time datasets

Our software will allow you to capture real-time insights and ensure you have access to the datasets for further analysis. We will also ensure the data recorded is accurate and precise. With the built-in AI models, it will become easier for you to run the analysis and proceed with forecasting or report generation.

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Improve your patient’s experience and offer hassle-free services

No travel and less time

With our eCONSULT software, you can quickly reduce your patient’s time to invest during a physical visit. There won’t be any waiting in the queue to consult the doctors or spend time and money traveling. Teleconsultation through our platform is much more convenient for people who cannot visit the healthcare site, like elderlies, people with injuries, etc.

Reduce site burden

Due to reduced patients’ physical visits, the burden on the healthcare institute will reduce significantly. As the outdoor patient appearance decreases, managing the hospital traffic will become more accessible for the management team. Furthermore, there won’t be any crowd or chaos, keeping the ambiance calm and peaceful.

Easier addressing the concerns

Our eCONSULT platform will help the doctors address the patient’s concerns at the earliest without wasting any time. This way, you can simultaneously offer an excellent experience to the doctors and patients.