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Consent is valuable for using patient’s datasets for clinical trials and research studies across various platforms and industries. However, management of permissions and handling the requests are not easy. That’s where our eConsent portal comes into play. We have designed a portal through which you can build and sent consent forms to your patients and receive the same to analyze the datasets and several other records. These can be further used in several clinical trials to ensure professionals can easily get to know about the health status and treatment progress.

eConsent to lessen the workload

Let go of the boring paper works and the hassles of distributing the consent forms or check the number of signatures present or the rejections. With the help of eConsent portal, you can check everything on a single dashboard, from the number of consent forms sent to the rejected forms, the counter-signatures, and so on.

Everything will be present on the same window, helping you to keep an eye on the business operations and also check your clinical trial datasets. If your patients have any questions and raise the concerns, you can directly answer their concerns through this eConsent portal.

Why Datacapt is perfect for handling the consent forms and clinical trial datasets?

  • With the help of automated and unified eConsent portal, about 50% of your time will be saved and you can invest that time on some other important work needed to take the healthcare and clinical systems to the next level.
  • Till now, over 35,000 eConsent forms have been sent out through the Datacapt portal. We have been able to successfully use this portal to help our clients create and send the forms for asking permissions from their patients on several aspects.
  • Our eConsent portal is 100% compliant with several rules and regulations, including HIPPA, 21 CFR PART 11, and GDPR. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about any legal and judicial problems with the portal.

Optimize consent form process with eConsent

Wondering how to optimize your clinical trial processes and use all datasets easily after collecting them from the patients? If yes, then eConsent is the perfect portal. With this, you can empower your teams to use the patient’s data and implement the same for studying various clinical trial methodologies and enhance the agility.

Our portal will help you to scale the clinical trials and make the consent process more flexible. You don’t have to rely on the paper works anymore. Our digital platform is ideal for creating the forms that will help your patients to understand the terms and conditions for the consent and how their information sets will be used.

Enhanced and improved patient experience

We have developed our eConsent portal in a way through which you can easily take the patients’ experience to the next level. You can easily send the consent forms through emails and texts according to the desired channel of the patients. Therefore, your patients won’t have to travel to the location to give their consent and endure the hassles.

Apart from this, your patients can easily download the forms as PDF versions, read the forms, and even update them. Everything can be easily done through the portal itself, including submission of the forms and tracking all datasets. To enhance the security, each consent form sent to the patients is protected through a user ID and a password.

Responsive eConsent forms

If you are worried about not being able to send the consent forms to all users using different devices, you can take a rest because eConsent is designed for the same purpose only. our forms are supported in all devices, from laptops to mobiles. In fact, the forms are supported in all browsers and operating systems.

Thanks to the responsive design of our portal, you won’t have to worry about the performance of your healthcare services and clinical trial datasets.

Simplified and easy-to-use interface

Our eConsent portal features a simplified and intuitive interface to help you understand the functions and navigate through the dashboard with ease. Apart from this, you will have access to all the features of the tool, from the consent form builder tool to the real-time analytical portal.

We have ensured our software can help you analyze the datasets and gain real-time information on several aspects of your patients. Apart from this, you can understand the progress of your clinical research processes and even gain detailed insights into the treatment processes offered to the patients.

Secured and protected consent forms

Datacapt ensures all the datasets are secured in the best possible way. We understand the apprehension your patients can feel after receiving the consent form. This is where eConsent comes into play. With this portal, you can easily work on creation of the consent forms, include different attributes based on which you can easily understand what your patients are trying to say, and so on.

We will help you to process all the consent forms and understand various datasets that will help you to analyze everything in a better way. Our eConsent portal is easier to use and therefore, you can have more information sets about your patients and the clinical datasets.

Want to deal with patient’s consent and still follow all the compliant rules and regulations? Datacapt is here with you!

Datacapt is a new platform that will help you implement consent forms through our eConsent portal. We have designed everything in a way where you can use the features to get permission from your patients about accessing their personal information sets. Once you have access to all these datasets, you can easily improve your clinical trial methods.

Our portal will also help you analyze the progress of different treatment processes and understand the loopholes in the clinical trial methods. This way you will be able to understand the status and progress of all these methods with ease. So, do not worry about anything as eConsent portal is here for you.

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