DandruffMeter DA 20

Essential tool and quick way to pinpoint dandruff

DandruffMeter DA 20

DandruffMeter DA 20

Dandruff analysis is an important topic in research and development of hair care and its effectiveness. The DandruffMeter DA 20 is an easy-to-use image analysis method.

The system consists of a device into which the collected scales are placed on a dark background.
LEDs arranged in a circle ensure homogeneous illumination of the sample. A high-resolution camera takes a picture of the scales from above, the software marks them and evaluates them in nine different size categories .

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Hair care is of great importance in the cosmetics industry. Dandruff analysis is an important parameter in the field of hair care for cosmetic research and underpinning advertising claims .

Quick fact DandruffMeter DA 20

  • Quick and easy handling of the device. Connection to the computer through USB.
  • The scales are evaluated according to number and size for 9 different categories (in pixels and mm²). The classes can be set by the user himself.
  • The average of up to four images is calculated automatically.
  • The software allows the comfortable evaluation of a complete study .
  • The system can easily be calibrated by the user .