Derma Unit SSC 3

Assessing the Hydrolipidic Film of the Skin

SSC 3The Derma Unit SSC3 is the classic compact device with a digital display for Sebumeter® / Corneometer® / Skin-pH-Meter in one housing. It works with a new Software specially designed for this system. Also, it works without software too and can show the values on small LCD provided on the system.

It’s a convenient and useful device for quick measurement of Sebum, moisture and pH of Skin and hair which can be used for research or assessment at clinics.

skin pH probe

Where to use:

  • Ideal tool for dermatologists and in the field of occupational health.
  • Quick assessment of the hydrolipidic film

Quick fact Derma Unit SSC 3

  • Save all measured values together with the person‘s data. Results can be compared over a longer period.
  • Supportive print-outs of the data together with remarks and recommendations for the measured persons.
  • The colours in the software can be adjusted to your CI by one click.
  • Several hundreds of studies have been performed on the  Sebumeter® / Corneometer® / Skin-pH-Meter, they are worldwide established as standard equipment.