High-end 3D skin imaging system

  • Micro relief
  • Texture
  • Wrinkles
  • Fold

The EvaTHERM system has been designed to analyze thermal distribution and changes on the skin due to non-con­tact infrared measurements to evaluate the efficacy of cosmetic, dermatologic and aesthetical products and treatments.

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System Configuration

The compact thermal camera EvaTHERM can measures the thermal range from -20 to 100 °C in 0.04 k thermal resolution. The accuracy for such a measurement is 2%. It means it can detect any changes on the skin surface for clinical assessment. The system is full USB compatible and connected to PC easily. The image resolution is 382 x 288 pixels. 

visioTOP500 Bench 

Dedicated Positioning Bench

This compact infrared camera can be integrated on any of our positioning benches (VisioTOP300/500 and Visio-4D)

The volunteer is sitting and is adjusted in height using motorized actuator to be in the right position relative to the head and keeps limiting its movements. laser and a mirror allow the person to place his face repeatedly at each time.

Repositioning is completely reproduceable thanks to our all positioning bench and Software AEVA-V4 and will be saved for next measurement. 

visio-4D Universal Bench 

Powerful Software

The EvaTHERM software can track specific areas and give statistical deviation, tracks hot and cold spots, provides profiles, distributions and many other characteristics.

Where to use

Anywhere you need thermal analysis on skin:

  • Follow up erythema, inflammation processes

  • Follow up cooling, wellness process

  • Thermal distribution analysis

  • Follow up hot spots

  • Before/after comparison


Quick fact Aeva -HE

  • Images or video mode
  • Automation of data processing
  • Multi-zones on face or any part of the body
  • Simple to connect USB ready
  • Can be driven by our AEVA-Software

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