MoistureMap MM 200

Unique Device to Look at Hydration Distribution and Texture Properties

Moisture Map MM100

Moisture Map MM100

Moisture Map MM200 is new version of MM100 with many updates as a matter of hardware and software. 

It gives graphical information on the near surface hydration distribution and the micro-topography of skin and other tissues (textiles, plants, etc.).

The measurement is based on capacitance imaging. The sensor measures the penetration of the electromagnetic field. Conductive material e.g. water will reflect the signal making the resulting pixel darker while non-conductive material will make the signal go farther inside and the resulting pixel will be lighter on a scale of 255 grey levels. 


Rather than absolute moisture figures ,the MoistureMap MM 200 indicates the distribution of hydration on the skin surface

Together with the worldwide known and established Corneometer® for quantitative assessment of the hydration level of the stratum corneum and the Tewameter® to measure exactly the transepidermal waterloss and assess the skin barrier function, you can create a complete “Water Measurement Center”.

Moisture map MM200

MoistureMap 200Where to use:

Wherever skin moisture distribution plays a role the MoistureMap MM 200 is a very impressive imaging addition to the pure quantitative measurements. In literature the use of such equipment is known for efficacy testing of cosmetics & pharmaceuticals & surfactants, skin photo-aging and illustration of skin lesions and scars. Capacitance imaging has also been used to determine to map the hair moisture level.

On the 1.8 x 1.28 mm silicon chip of the sensor, over 90,000 capacitors are located every 50 µm.The sensor is covered with a silicon oxide layer for protection.

MM200 special image analysis software evaluates the images in different ways:

  • Live stream visible in the software
  • Captured image in standard jpg-file
  • Evenness of the hydration distribution is displayed in 5 different colours and a histogram, the ranges can be easily set by the user via one mouse click.
  • Video possible (.avi)
  • Automatic saving of the images under a study name
  • In addition to looking at hydration, topographic measurements (profile, corner density, anisotropy index) give interesting aging parameters.
  • Up to six images together with their complete results can be compared in one overview.
  • The only instrument which can work side by side with the established Corneometer® and Tewameter®
MoistureMap 200 software
In vitro Measurements with Special Adapter

With our MoistureMap MM 200 in vitro Adapter (optional accessory), the probe can be mounted in the stand with the sensor pointing upwards. In addition different donor chambers are included (0.5 and 0.8 mm outlet) which can be put on the sensor surface and are retained in the adapter on top of the sensor. There is a matching lid to minimize evaporation of volatile solvents from the donor chambers. A video can show the kinetic effects of the distribution of hydration over time.


Quick fact MoistureMap MM 200

  • Perfect addition to the quantitative measurement, as it shows the distribution of the water on the skin surface.
  • Easy and quick to handle
  • Spring loaded sensor
  • Optionally the measurement can be triggered by a foot switch.
  • In vivo skin measurement and also in vitro application can be performed.
  • Easy calibration possibility for the user.
  • All results are saved in an Excel®-file by one mouse click.
  • The only instrument which can work side by side with the established Corneometer® and Tewameter®.