Nail StrainStress Meter NM 100

A patented tool for analyzing of nail mechanical properties

Now, you are able to to characterize and analyze the bio-mechanical properties of the nail in vivo method by NM 100


Nail Strain Stress Meter

Nail Strain Stress Meter

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For the first time ever, the mechanical properties of nail can be measured simply and pain-free. This allows to explore a number of new efficacy tests for all kind of nail care products and formulations (nail hardness, firmness, thickness, flexibility/elasticity, structural strength, aging, breaking and more). The device can help to create innovative product and marketing ideas. The system has also application potential in the clinical basic research of nail disorders and diseases as well as other skin diseases presenting nail changes and the quantification of therapies.

Nail Strain Stress Meter - finger

Quick fact Nail StrainStress Meter NM 100

  • Unique device to assess nail characteristics.
  • Very easy handling of hardware and the well-organized, convenient softwareSeveral safety and comfort features.
  • Different, easy to exchange applicators give a number of interesting parameters.
  • A variety of settings (pressure force, down step size of the applicator, measurement time, etc.) can be set, in order to meet your individual application.
  • Ghost image of T0 as an overlay to aid perfect positioning for optimal reproducibility.
  • Quality measures of the curves (R² and deviation) in order to see immediately how good the measurement was taken.
  • Zoom in and out of the curves.
  • Average up to 4 curves for one measurement.
  • Study based simple and quick evaluation of the results in statistical programs possible.