Face gloss measurement system

SAMBA Face system is a unique device to provide quantitative data of skin gloss correlated to subjective visual assessments. 

It is used worldwide by cosmetic manufacturers to objectively evaluate in-vivo the efficacy of face products for formulation and claims approval.  

SAMBA Face system comes as a turn-key system including hardware and PC along with a dedicated software.


SAMBA Face System includes a special polarized camera, a polarized LED illumination, a chin-rest  and computer with our own software, allowing the user to acquire the measurement in one click. A complete analysis (numerical data and images) of the visual characteristics (gloss, color, images, etc.) is delivered in seconds.


When light interacts with skin, two types of lights are observed:

  • Reflection on the skin surface which creates gloss image.
  • Diffused light is a background uniform color


The Samba technology provides the acquisition of two states of polarization images at video rate. Polarization imaging then allows to separate reflections from diffusion as illustrated below:

Samba Face image

Gloss Image = Parallel image - Diffused image


The dedicated software allows to handle large studies as many subjects and visits as possible. 

Green target overlay + Ghost image feature to help reposition panelist between visits.

Many possible camera views

Samba face views

Main menu

Samba face software

Data acquisition is separate from the data processing allowing easy post processing. 

Regions Of Interest (ROIs)

Samba face ROI

Create or modify new regions of interest (ROI) that can be used for different studies.


  • substantiate claims
  • evaluate products efficacy such as make-up, foundation, skin care products, on every type of skin.
  • Rinse-off products on forearms
  • Lipsticks
  • Skin translucency
  • Sebum prevention
Shades of Lipsticks

Quick fact SAMBA Face

  • Possibility to chose the best view to analyze the effect of your products
  • Parallel and crossed polarization imaging
  • Adjustable chin rest
  • In-vivo measurement
  • All parameters measured are available using export feature
  • Easily switch lenses to inspect specific spots with greater details
  • User selects a ROI from a library to chose the area where the analysis will be done.
  • Multiple ROIs can be applied to a same image.
  • Easy review and export of all images in .jpg, .tif, .bmp formats 
  • Images, histogram and numerical data are delivered.
  • System is delivered a long with PC and Software


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