Advanced testing substrates that effectively mimic the surface properties of
human skin
Stratum corneum
vitro-skin synthetic skin

VITRO-SKIN® is an advanced testing substrate that effectively mimics the surface properties of human skin. It has been formulated to have topography, pH, critical surface tension and ionic strength that is similar to human skin.

Vitro corneum

VITRO-CORNEUM® has been formulated to mimic the properties of human stratum corneum. Like human stratum corneum, the visco-elastic properties of VITRO-CORNEUM® change dramatically with changes in hydration.

vitro nail

VITRO-NAILS® contains components that have been optimized to mimic the wetting properties, thickness and flexibility of human fingernails.





An ideal substrate for all of your Life Science Testing and Cosmetic formulation needs


Skin And Nail Model Substrate For Every Lab:

The human body still remains a mystery which is why the leading biological establishment and laboratories are consistently conducting experiments to learn more about how human physiology works. When it comes to creating a new cosmetic or a medical dermatological product, proper knowledge of the human skin is of the essence. Be it a sunscreen for UV protection or an anti-tanning cream that ensures your skin remains as it was before you went into the sun, Several tests are required to pick out the right ingredients for the purpose.

Simpler and Accurate Process

Skin model substrate from Vitro-Skin is here to make this process simpler and a lot more accurate. The water and hydration retention of the non-human skin substrates is exceptional and comparable to actual human skin. What’s more, unlike human skin that does not have a consistent topography or gets dried too quickly or too late, the skin and nail model substrates remain exactly how you need the sheets to be throughout the entire time of the tests and experiment. To get accurate and reproducible results every time, opting for skin and nail model substrates from Vitro skin could easily be one of the best available options.

Applications of Non-human Skin Substrates

The applications of non-human skin substrates are many. They are primarily used to check the performance of several different dermatological products like sunscreens and UV ray protection ointments, facemasks, and other skin care products, as well as for skin adhesives and tapes. The biggest advantage of using skin model substrates is that you can trust the results and utilize the same for creating the actual products. They are also extensively used for makeup formulations, like comparing different shades of the makeup products like blushes, lipsticks, and eye shadows.

Medelink brings this state-of-the-art technology bringing a revolution in the world of cosmetics.

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