Cbrite- medical photography equipment

 Standard facial photography system

High quality and fully-controlled


For clinical follow-up and scientific publication


The Cbright as been designed to simplify and standardize photographic acquisitions using smartphone, tablets or professional digital cameras. The system take care of the position of the patient/volunteer and the camera itself. Predefined angles are set to get reproducible photographs including illumination and color control

Where to use:

It’s used for documenting and archiving the volunteer/patient photos for clinical trials and/or treatment follow-up while all factors are being taken into account for a reproduceable outcome.  

Quick fact CBright:

  • Centering capability of the patient face with the unique holding device
  • Laser alignment to control the position before and after
  • Grid alignment on smartphones or digital camera to check positioning
  • D65 Reproducible LED illumination
  • Simple to use with predefined angles of view
  • Motorized vertical adjustment & angular setting