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  • Texture
  • Wrinkles
  • Fold


The CBright is a standardized Photographic Setup which can be configured for different photographic devices like, smartphones, tablets, professional compact cameras. All these devices can be connected to your computer or cloud to transfer photos. It integrates the best know how with positioning control and LED illumination! The CBright provides you the ability to take photos within a very smart way which allows you to get reliable and reproduceable before and after images as the system controls for you the positioning of the patient/volunteer and the photographic device in a very precise way. Don’t miss you photos anymore!

This system helps clinicians to adopt a standardized photography system to ensure professionalism and optimal results in their clinical photographs. 


The CBright uses a unique head rest concept which center the face on a very reproducible way. A laser line complete the setup to control the last mouvment freedom left. The photographic device can be poitioned at differenet angles from 0° up to + 90° while a uniform LED illumination helps to control the color of each image independantly to the angle.

Where to use

It’s used in claims approval for documenting and archiving the volunteer/patient photos for clinical trials and/or treatment follow-up while all factors are being taken into account for a reproduceable outcome.  

Local zone

Follow up on color, brightness, homogenity ageing spots

Global Face

Illustrations, follow up and documentations for publication

Why Do We Need A Clinical Photography System?

In several medical or clinical cases, this system plays a crucial role in explaining the before and after effects or results of an operation or clinical treatment. As well, for clinical studies in which a standard photograph as a point of lighting, angels, perspective etc. is required, CBright works as an essential tools.


Watch the video

for more information download PDF Catalog


Watch the video

for more information download PDF Catalog

Quick fact CBright

  • The CBright uses a unique head rest concept which center the face on a very reproducible way.
  • Centering capability of the patient face with the unique holding device
  • Laser alignment to control the position before and after
  • Grid alignment on smartphones or digital camera to check positioning
  • D65 Reproducible LED illumination
  • Simple to use with predefined angles of view
  • Motorized vertical adjustment & angular setting
  • The photographic device can be positioned at different angles from 0° up to + 90°

Technical specifications:

Motorized vertical column  390 mm by continuous motor drive and up/down switch
Head rest  Centering tips and rest
Angular settings  0, +30°, +45°, +60°, +90°
Dimension XY (cm)  127 x 155
Positioning Laser  Class 1 (< 1 mw)
Working distance (mm) 300
Illumination 4 x 10W led strip 5500 °K
Adaptator  Smartphone or Still cameras up to 1250 g

Camera specifications:

Lenses Interchangeable lenses (Zoom lens 16-50 mm or fix 24 mm)
Camera resolution 5456 x 3632 pixels (20.1 Mp)
Focus Manual or auto with zone lock
Acquisition frequency 30 fps
File format JPEG (Tiff) compliant, RAW
Dimensions 122,4 × 92,6 × 69,8 mm
Power supply Via rechargeable battery or USB
Rcording media microSD memory card
Computer configuration Windows 7-64 and up or Windows tablet

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