High-end 3D skin imaging system

  • Micro relief
  • Texture
  • Wrinkles
  • Fold

DermaTOP-HE is a non-contact skin topography system used for research and development and evaluation of skin care cosmetics, anti-aging products and treatments.

Based on a patented fringe projection unit combined with stereo imaging techniques, the DermaTOP-HE system offers best performances and flexibility to address different studies/measurements from Skin micro structure to wrinkles and sagging. This 3D skin imaging system is designed to quantify efficacy assessment for cosmetics, aesthetical and dermatology products and treatments.

Thanks to different Filed Of View (FOV) by simply changing objectives sets, it’s possible to switch from small to medium measurement areas (from local skin to face part ).

Field Of View FOV-S




Face part

Local zone

Skin micro structure, pores, fine lines & wrinkles evaluation, skin replica, eye bags, lips and sagging, cheek, nasal folds, glabella, dimples and nodules for cellulite

Face part

rejuvenation, fillers, mesotherapy, firming, reshaping, restructuring, anti-ageing


Watch the video

for more information download PDF Catalog


Watch the video

for more information download PDF Catalog

System Configuration


The state of the art combining fringes projection and stereovision, also called active stereometry, provides largest fields of view with the highest resolution. It offers pixel resolution in X, Y, high accuracy in Z, less sensitive to movement. Based on high quality and stability components, different fields of view are available with Facial 3D Imaging System by by simply changing objectives sets to switch from 60 to 125 (from very local skin structure to part of face skin)

It employs an interchangeable sensor system with the appropriate resolution for a variety of applications:

  • Highest resolution local zone measurement (FOV 60)
  • High resolution whole face part measurement (FOV 125)

Adopts original fringe projection technology, blue LED light source, 5.0 megapixel high resolution B/Wcamera. It has the flexibility to enable various measurements by changing the lens, for example, from “evaluation of wrinkles” to “evaluation of texture from replica” according to the guidance.

  • Image capture, analysis, and evaluation are easy with dedicated software that uses many automatic routines.
  • Two levels of “user” and “expert” are adopted.
  • Supports simpler operations at the “user” level. Guidance by displaying a step-by-step support image to the operator.
  • “Expert” enables interactive analysis. Uses original aging evaluation processing (face).

visioTOP500 Bench for  face

VisioTOP 500 – Dedicated Positioning Bench  

VisioTOP 500 bench has been designed and dedicated for stable and repeatable positioning and re-positioning between the different measuring times points. Managing the volunteers and getting reliable and repeatable results becomes much easier. This bench supports VisioTOP500, EvaSkin and EvaFace for all types of face analysis. 

The volunteer is sitting and is adjusted in height using motorized actuator to be in the right position relative to the head and keeps limiting its movements. laser and a mirror allow the person to place his face repeatedly at each time.

Repositioning is completely reproduceable thanks to VisioTOP500 and Software AEVA-V4 and will be saved for next measurement. 

Powerful Software Aeva-V4  

New Aeva software (Aeva-V4) of high-end 3D Skin Imaging system guides the user through acquisition routine, runs automatic batch processing and evaluation of the 3D data providing results as CSV files, figures and pictures. It offers unique multi zones, multi-scaling analysis functionalities.

Software Aeva-V4

Where to use

Local zone

  • 2D or 3D roughness statistics

  • Height distribution on topographies Statistics (number, volume, area, depth, circumference) on pores

  • Fine lines, wrinkles and folds

  • Skin features density of pores

  • Deviation(pseudo color display),volume of the topographies (eye bags, lips, sagging and oval)

Global face

  • Multi zone extraction and analysis

  • Comparison on the shape changes with statistical deviation and pseudo color display

  • Volume of the difference, section length, distance between points and angle calculations

  • Skin features density (pores, fine lines wrinkles and folds)

  • Section length, distance and angle measurements

Quick fact DermaTop HE

  • A patented fringe projection unit combined with stereo imaging techniques
  • Automatic or interactive areas extraction
  • Amplitude, roughness, volume, areas, circumference evaluation
  • High resolution system (2 x 5 Mpixels cameras)
  • Easy to switch from an application to an other
  • Interchangeable fields
  • Very powerful analysis and evaluation software.
  • Simple to use, minimum setting and skill required

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