Sebufix® SF 16

Sebum Collector Foil

The Sebufix® F16 is a special foil absorbing the sebum of the skin surface due to its micro pores and showing them as spots in different sizes. When mounted on the Visioscan® camera, the qualitative sebum production can uniquely be monitored in real time. The foil is applied to the skin and the sebum will become visible as transparent spots in various sizes after only a few seconds. The lateral spread of sebum in the foil is minimized. Skin with low sebum content shows a few small spots, whereas oily skin is visualized by a great number of large spots.

Where to use:

  • The Sebufix® F 16 is a very helpful tool for investigating the activity of the sebacious glands
  • it is important for claim support and efficacy testing of all kinds of cosmetic and pharmaceutical products (especially cleansers, anti-acne products, products for oily skin)
Quick fact Sebufix®
  • Quantitative sebum measurements along with qualitative approach.
  • The very quick measurement without any glue has no occlusion effects on the skin thereby avoiding incorrect results.
  • The measurement is not influenced by the hydration level of the skin (sweating).
  • By Visioscan® skin camera ,the sebum production can even be monitored live over a given period on on the screen.
  • With the software the number, size and area  covered with spots (mm”) can be evaluated for 5 different sizes of spots (very small to large).


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