Corneofix® CF 20

Desquamation Collector Foil

Corneofix® CF 20 is a special adhesive tape collecting corneocytes (flakes of dead cells). The number, size and thickness of the corneocytes indicate the desquamation/hydration level of the stratum corneum. When mounted on the Visioscan® camera, the desquamation can be evaluated by its software.




The adhesive side of the Corneofix® is applied to the skin area to be measured for only a very short time. On removing the tape from the skin the corneocytes stick to the tape. Many thick, large corneocytes can only be collected when the skin is dehydrated or even damaged. Moist skin shows small regular flakes.

Where to use:

  • In cosmetology, the moisture content of the skin is one of the most important parameters for formulation and efficacy testingTypical claims substantiated with the Corneofix®: supports skin renewal, exfoliating, against dry/scaly skin, and more.
  • The Corneofix® is perfectly suitable for skin surface strippings for the various applications.
Quick fact Corneofix® CF 20
  • The method is quick, easy and economical.
  • The foils come in a convenient dispenser box and are easy to take out.
  • The Corneofix® F20 is a perfect addition to the Visioscan®skin camera or the Visiometer® to digitalize the flakes on the screen. With the software the number, size and area covered with flakes can be evaluated as well as the desquamation index well known in literature.
  • There is a number of studies  performed with this interesting foil.

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