Visioline® VL 650

Skin macro-relief assessment

The Visioline ® VL650 is used for assessing the skin macro-relief using a replica and oblique lighting. It provides another excellent method for assessing the topography of the skin. It is a further development of the renowned Quantirides® system.


Where to use:

This method has been scientifically acknowledged and established for many years to analyse objectively the deeper lines and macro wrinkles such as crow feet. This is especially interesting for claim support of anti-aging and antiwrinkle products.

The measurement is based on shadows on a silicon replica. The replica, which is a negative of the skin surface, is illuminated uniformly with a defined light source mounted in a specified angle. The shadows visible on the replica created by the oblique light are captured with a high resolution, quick FireWire camera, which is mounted vertically to the replica. The sophisticated software analyses different characteristics of the wrinkle in real length and depth (in mm) and a shape factor.

Quick fact Visioline® VL 650
  • The system is fast to use and requires minimal staff and is therefore very economical.
  • It is very easy to handle and does not require specialist knowledge.
  • The replica can be stored for documentation.
  • Making of the replica and the analysis do not necessarily have to be done at the same time.
  • The replica can be analysed at any time when all replicas for one study have been collected.
  • It is very reproducible and accurate. To analyse the same area before and after treatment a mask function can overlay the images of the replica over an already previously taken replica to match the same position.
  • Four images can be shown on the screen at the same time.
  • For each study a separate database can be created and all results and settings are automatically saved there. Thus the follow up of each study is very easy.
  • A simple calibration tool enables the user to be sure of the accuracy of distance and depth (x,y,z).
  • Special image tools as 3D and false colors illustrate the output for marketing purposes.

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