VisioFace® RD

High Resolution Standardized Full Face Photography for Treatment Documentation

The Visioface RD is a full face photographic system. What does it do?
The VisioFace® RD and its software have been developed in cooperation with Monaderm to take high resolution full face photos under standardized conditions. It is focused on simple organisation of the photos and detailed comparisons.

Where to use:

  • treatment documentation
  • making studies
  • Zoom into several images at the same time to compare. Up to 10 images can be viewed in tile view, and more images in pile view.
  • Different print options (images by study, person, time or only the details of a study)
  • All changes of the data in a study are recorded in a “history”.
Quick fact VisioFace® RD
  • Removable head and chin rest allowing exact positioning frontally or sidewise
  • Repositioning of the face reproducibly: overlays (ghost images) of previous images of the person and drawing of marks on interesting parts are possible.
  • A color chart is photographed with each face to make photos comparable over time and ambient light conditions.
  • No heat development from the LEDs.
  • Conveniently designed software to enable you to work quickly.
  • Easy creating of studies with patients/volunteers and different stages.
  • Perfect organization of all photos for later comparisons.