Synthetic (non-biological) skin model

The Global Standard for Rapid, Predictive In Vitro Testing
vitro-skin synthetic skin

Ideal substrate for all of your Life Science Testing and Skin Care development

VITRO-SKIN® is an advanced testing substrate that effectively mimics the surface properties of human skin.
It contains both optimized protein and lipid components and is designed to have topography, pH, critical surface tension, chemical reactivity and ionic strength similar to human skin. Testing conducted on Vitro-Skin® is generally more reproducible than that performed on human skin due to the consistent topography.

  • easy to use
  • non-biologic
  • long shelf life
  • listed in approximately 100 patents

Successfully applied in a broad range of in vitro methods

VITRO-SKIN® is currently used by over 175 leading companies worldwide

An ideal substrate for all of your Life Science Testing and Cosmetic formulation needs



Samples of application on Vitro-Skin usage
  • Permeation studies
  • Anti-Bacterial testing
  • Anti-Viral testing
  • Microbiome studies
  • Anti-Fungal testing
  • R&D testing of raw materials for personal care
  • color comparisons
  • In-Vitro SPF screening
  • Adhesion testing
  • Medical Device testing
  • Bandage testing
  • Durability testing
  • Water proof test for UV protection effect
  • test make up removal properties of facial cleansers
  • Evaluation of skin care products
  • Tissue Substitute
  • Malodor Reduction
  • Coefficient Of Friction Test
  • Deposition Studies
  • Cosmetic development using Haze meter
  • lipstick pay-out, wear and durability evaluation

Looking for a guideline for your own application with Vitro-Skin? 

starter kit

Complete VITRO-SKIN® Starter Kit including:

  •  1x IMS in vitro SPF/UVA testing protocol
  • 2x 22 cm x 27 cm (8.5″ x 10.5″) sheets of VITRO-SKIN®
  • 4x 6 cm x 6 cm sample holders
  • 2x 35 mm reference holders
  • 1x plastic hydration chamber with two mesh shelves and a spacer
  • 1x plastic covered foam block (to simulate the flexibility of the human dermis)
  • 12x latex finger cots
vitro-skin starter kit


effectively mimics the surface properties of human skin.

listed in approximately 100 patents

more reproducible than human skin

long shelf life

100% Satisfaction Guarantee


Patents Referencing VITRO-SKIN® Substrate

  • Hybrid Material of Crosslinked Microgel Particles Dispersed in an Adhesive (Avery Dennison Corporation)
  • Gel Wipe Composition Comprising a Superabsorbent Gel Fiber (Johnson & Johnson Consumer Inc.)
  • Emulsion Compositions and Applications Therefor (Momentive Performance Materials Inc.)
  • Oral Care Method And Kit (3M Innovative Properties Company)
  • Oral Care Compositions (Colgate-Palmolive Company)
  • Hair Removal Method And Hair Removal Kit (The Procter & Gamble Company)
  • Ask for more...


VITRO-SKIN® is a collagen based synthetic skin substrate, formulated and produced to mimic human skin. The topography, pH and surface tension are very similar to human skin, so it is the ideal substrate for in-vitro testing where human skin is required.

VITRO-SKIN® is typically hydrated in a Hydration Chamber (part of the Vitro-Skin Starter Kit) prior to use, however some applications may not require hydration. The applications of this material are extremely diverse, so methods will vary depending on use application.

VITRO-SKIN® is used in a wide variety of industries where testing products on skin is necessary. Some of the areas where Vitro-Skin is currently being utilized include; personal care, OTC products, chemical industry testing, Veterinary applications, disinfectants, Microbiome studies, anti-viral and anti-bacterial studies, adhesives markets, medical devices, dermal penetration/absorption studies, skin moisturization studies, malodor studies, coefficient of friction studies, waterproof/water resistance studies, soft focus studies, etc.

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