Skin stripping tape Corneofix® now available in different shapes & sizes

corneofix d-squame

The cutting-edge disk-shaped Corneofix® and precision-enhancing pressure aid tool to perfect your desquamation measurements.


Introducing the latest innovation in skin sampling technology – the Corneofix® now comes in a sleek round shape! This disc-shaped film, available in two sizes (22 and 30 mm ∅), is a perfect alternative for those accustomed to using round tapes like D-Squames. We’ve removed the handle on the foils to maximize adhesive surface, and each set comes with a handy pair of tweezers for easy application.


But wait, there’s more! Elevate your skin sampling experience with our optional pressure-aid instrument, designed to ensure consistent contact pressure for precise measurements. Equipped with an integrated spring, this tool allows you to control the pressure applied as a small pin move with each press onto the skin. Experience unparalleled accuracy and reproducibility with Corneofix® and its innovative accessories.